A Donald Trump Presidency Indicates the Necessity of Alt-Right Libertarianism

On January 20th, the reality finally set in. Donald Trump was sworn in as President of the United States. The anti-establishment, anti-globalist firebrand was at the helm of the most powerful position in these United States. The power that grew throughout the Bush and Obama years gave the Presidency an unprecedented amount of power. The power is there, but can this power be used to reduce government even slightly?

Just within days of his presidency, Trump answered that question by signing an executive order to remove the United States from the corporate-devised Trans-Pacific Partnership. The Madman that is Donald Trump had people like Bernie Sanders, the devout socialist, praising him for exiting the TPP. However, the likes of Reason Magazine and Cato Institute took to the internet to criticize Trump for hurting “Free Trade.” As pointed out below in a tweet by the principled Mises Institute, government-managed free trade agreements are not free trade in the libertarian sense: 

The exit of the TPP should be seen as a welcome sign for libertarians who see the danger in entangling alliances and how the TPP would erode national sovereignty. This bizarre alliance of Neoconservatives, Obama supporters, and Beltway libertarians for the TPP has only made me more sympathetic for the Donald. This alliance has even pushed many, such as myself, towards the alt-right movement, for better or for worse. Corporate, beltway libertarians have effectively shown themselves as little cheerleaders for the corporate status quo. The Koch Brothers have come out against Trump to protect their financial interests. Coming out against tariffs is one thing, but what is really suspicious is the Koch’s coming out against the suspension of the refugee resettlement program, which is funded by taxpayer money. This virtue-signalling to the Left indicates inconsistency, which is why they are growing more and more irrelevant with each passing day.

The alt-right has been unfairly demonized as a group of Nazis and fascists who want white supremacy. There may be some fringe people who hold sentiments close to this, but the movement is far from its caricature of a Nazi subreddit. The movement helped get Trump elected, which has advanced libertarian policy proposals such as ending TPP and curtailing EPA regulations into actual policy. The alt-right is not a far stretch from the Ron Paul revolution days where he preached an America First foreign policy. Ron’s policies were called “isolationist” and he was accused by Neocons of working for the Rooskies. Sound familiar?

The future is now, and we have no time to squander this opportunity to reduce government towards a more libertarian society. The late great Murray Rothbard would be cheering on such a movement like Trump’s or the alt-right. The alt-right is the vehicle for libertarians who want to change policy and change the attitudes towards government. The ones who make their beds with the Left will be left in the dust while we, the deplorable, conspiracy theorists, gun nuts and hard-charging patriots will lead the battle. As the great journalist, Alex Jones, has repeatedly said, “1776 has now commenced!” It’s time for libertarians to find their bearings, and get in the fight!


Mitchell has been involved in the student liberty movement with the Young Americans for Liberty where he served as a State Chair for them in Indiana and Michigan. He also worked as a Field Representative for the Leadership Institute. In the past he has managed a campaign for a liberty republican and worked in local politics in the metro Detroit area.


    • The TPP was not a free trade deal. It is good that it is dead. But Donald Trump’s protectionism is not free trade, either. It is just another philosophy of corporatism.

  1. Donald Trump continues to wage an all-war-all-the-time foreign policy. He is not fit to lick Ron Paul’s boots. Not that Ron Paul is into that sort of thing …

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