The Southern Avenger Predicted the Alt Right in 2009

It was 2009 and the freshness of the liberty movement was still in the air with hope on the horizon, even with the recent election of Barack Obama as President. The liberty movement was an organized group on the right that would push back against the status quo; an alternative right of sorts. At least that’s what the once fiery paleolibertarian writer Jack Hunter called it back in 2009. A movement he could be proud of, with the likes of Paulites and Buchanites, who could deliver a huge blow to the neoconservatives and left alike.

This alt-right in its infancy stage was called the liberty movement. This movement which had the likes of the self-described Southern Avenger, who wrote with a never-ending passion against the beltway elite and took no prisoners. In an article in November of 2009, the paleolibertarian stalwart wrote about being against NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement),  illegal immigration, and the war hawks. This man was unafraid of standing for the constitution, even if he was deemed a racist for it. This message was a right-wing populist message that could bring pride to every self-respecting libertarian out there.

After 8 years of being beat on by the Left and with the presidency of Obama, We the People had all we could stand. It was time to put up a real anti-establishment candidate that would take the reigns and fully destroy the status quo. The heir of Ron Paul was supposed to be none other than his son Rand Paul, whose right-hand man was Jack Hunter. Too good to be true, right? The campaign was hyped to be the culmination of all the hard work of liberty campaigns past, and Rand was the chosen one to take the reigns.  However, in a shocking twist of fate, Rand abandoned right-wing populism under the advice of the now former southern avenger, choosing instead to virtue-signal and pander to the Left on issues that couldn’t win a GOP primary.

This poor showing by Rand left a bad taste in the mouth of many liberty activists. Rand either abandoned or marginalized his End the Fed, no income tax, and anti-war message. This is where the Alt Right of the past came back with a vengeance behind the most boisterous man imaginable, Donald J. Trump. A man hated by the likes of Jack Hunter, Justin Amash, and the beltway elite. They hated him for embodying the original Alt Right as described by Jack Hunter – anti-globalist, pro closed borders and bucking the status quo every step of the way! This showed that the Beltway had changed these men.  They were stumped by Trump and ended up fully cucking themselves out on the shameful  #NeverTrump bandwagon – siding with the likes of Glenn Beck and neoconservative Bill Kristol over principled libertarians like Lew Rockwell and Justin Raimondo.

This alt-right movement, which Jack Hunter predicted once upon a time, is one that may not have all the makings of hardcore libertarianism, but it certainly has the tenacity to light up the status quo. This movement has already accomplished more in mere months than the corporate libertarian movement that Jack “Southern Avenger“ Hunter sold his soul to several years ago.  Jack thought he could hang the elite of the Beltway, and was smacked back to Earth instead.

Mr. Hunter, I plead to you: Come back to your Buchananite, paleolibertarian, and deplorable alt-right roots, where the real anti-establishment fun is taking place!

Mitchell has been involved in the student liberty movement with the Young Americans for Liberty where he served as a State Chair for them in Indiana and Michigan. He also worked as a Field Representative for the Leadership Institute. In the past he has managed a campaign for a liberty republican and worked in local politics in the metro Detroit area.


  1. I did not know Jack Hunter in 2009, but it sounds like I agree agree more with current Jack. I voted for Pat Buchanan in the primary against Bush, but my own views have evolved considerably since then too. I still agree with Pat on foreign policy and abortion, immigration and trade not so much.

    Has Jack come out in favor of NAFTA? I tend to agree with Ron Paul. I am against protectionism, but prefer bilateral trade agreements to multi-national.

  2. “Rand either abandoned or marginalized his End the Fed, no income tax, and anti-war message. This is where the Alt Right of the past came back with a vengeance behind the most boisterous man imaginable, Donald J. Trump.”

    Did the author even follow Trump’s campaign? His tax plan was pathetic, he mentioned the Federal Reserve twice in 17 months of campaigning, and his support for military intervention was based on which countries he did or did not have business interests.

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