Elizabeth Warren Suggests Kristen Gillibrand Had Sex For Campaign Contributions In Tweet


This morning, President Donald Trump focused the power of his twitter on yet another Swamp creature: New York Senator Kristen Gillibrand. Trump proclaimed that the “disloyal” and “lightweight” Gillibrand “would do anything” for campaign contributions. The obvious implication here being that she would perform Harvey Weinstein-esque acts for the cash.

Interestingly, the suggestion that Gillibrand was guilty of using sex to pump up her campaign war chest was confirmed by none other than one of Trump’s other Twitter-foes, Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts. Her response did not deny what Gillibrand had done, only admonished Trump as a slut-shamer for calling out Gillibrand for her behavior.

Warren’s choice of the phrase “slut-shame” as opposed to saying Trump is lying about New York’s Junior Senator implies that Warren is aware of Gillibrand’s actions, and suggests there is nothing wrong with such behavior. Of course, Warren, rumored by many to have her eyes set on the 2020 Democratic nomination, may just simply see an opportunity to undercut a potential serious rival.

What is obvious, however, is that Donald Trump is once again able to pull the strings of the beltway with just a few strokes of his thumb.


  1. we know the left stole massive amounts of money for years form cities accounts I know this as i live in texas houston is thefting ritually for acorn which is a mob arm of the left which is lawless and violent besides being a moneywasting pilferer fo state welfare funds and suing it all to set up illegal voting components in election season

  2. I notice that he did not say that he turned her down though.

    I see Gillibrand wants to have hearings on Trump sexual assault. I don’t really have a problem with that, but I am not sure what good it will do. He admitted to obnoxious behavior before the election and won anyway.

    But I wrote to, and called Gillibrand asking whether she was on the Hush Fund list and got no response. I want to know about her, Schumer and my Congressman. Get your own House in order first before worrying about someone else’s.


  3. Its the Whinstine Effect… Its. How stuff is done in D.C…. And Hollywood. …. and sports… You be a good little indian and roll over … Its cow boy and Indian’s time….

  4. True or not, and I am no fan of her, politicians have done far far worse for campaign money. Like allowing companies to dump poisonous chemicals in local waterways, helping companies to secure contracts where they are grossly overpaid and fail to deliver, etc.

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