Hispanic Trump Voter Called “Race Traitor” by Nasty Women

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At a pro-Trump demonstration that took place at Washington State University on November 9, a group of anti-Trump protesters arrived to articulate their opposition to Donald Trump’s landslide victory in the November 8 election.

M.J. Vega, a member of WSU College Republicans, was present at the event. At one point in the event, a group of largely Hispanic and black agitators told Vega that because of his support for Trump, he was a “traitor” to his race, did not love his family, and that he was going to be deported – despite being in the United States legally.

White students were called “gringos,” as chants of “f*** that gringo” were directed at white students demonstrating.

View the footage of leftist racism on display below.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GiRUNYtE-_M]