Iraq War architect Paul Wolfowitz considering support for Hillary Clinton

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Hillary Clinton has been facing an image problem this election cycle, with high unfavorability numbers. The e-mail controversy, the refusal to address the media, and her awkward attempts to seem normal have all worked against her.

Also among the things working against her is her support of the Iraq War.

Clinton has since worked to distance herself from the conflict she supported. She even had an awkward speech by Khizr Khan at the Democratic National Convention, where the father of a fallen soldier rambled about the Constitution and used his son for political gain while supporting a candidate that sent his son to die in an unconstitutional conflict.

Now Clinton may have the support of the former Bush Administration official who has long been described as the architect of the Iraq War.


Paul Wolfowitz, who was deputy secretary of defense from 2001-2005, has been credited as a major driving force in the Bush Administration in the invasion of Iraq. In a recent interview, Wolfowitz indicated he will likely be supporting President Obama’s former Secretary of State.

Throughout much of the interview, Wolfowitz discusses his time with the Bush Administration. When pressed about the Iraq invasion destabilizing the region, he notes he doesn’t regret it. He even went as far as to imply that Iraq should have been invaded sooner, as he stated that after 9/11 he felt the United States should have gotten tougher on Hussein.

This man also portrayed Trump as a security risk, stating he’d prefer vote for Clinton even though he claims he has reservations about her.

The fact that Wolfowitz is leaning in Clinton’s direction is significant. In the interview, he seems to lament the fact that America isn’t more involved abroad. Even after admitting that Iraq occurred on false pretenses, he discusses why he believes not being more involved in Syria is a bad thing.

Wolfowitz also describes Vladimir Putin, who Trump has been friendly with, as acting dangerously. He rejects the idea of a partnership with Russia, while neglecting the fact that the United States continues a partnership with Saudi Arabia.


Saudi Arabia, which was linked to the 9/11 hijackers by the declassified pages of the 9/11 Commission, has recently been facing increasing controversy for combat tactics.

Recently, a Saudi-led coalition bombed a Doctors Without Borders hospital. Among the nineteen casualties were ten children, some as young as eight years old.

Saudi Arabia also mistreats women, while even executing homosexuals for coming out of the closet. There have been significant human rights concerns in Saudi Arabia for some time.

But Russia is the problem?

Donald Trump may hurt people’s feelings when he speaks, but Wolfowitz is a part of the establishment that Trump has called out in the past. When he called Jeb Bush a liar on a debate stage, it was because of Iraq. As we came to learn later when the 9/11 Commission report’s final pages was declassified, the Bush Administration may have covered for Saudi Arabia as they hid connections to the hijackers.

In the time since then, Trump has started calling out the Iraq War and the war establishment, which has caused neoconservatives to turn from the Republican Party and even look to Clinton – from Jeb Bush, to Mitt Romney, and even Wolfowitz.

Donald Trump may not be a strong liberty candidate or a solid freedom fighter, but he is shaking up the neoconservative elite. Everyone is running scared to Hillary Clinton.

Chris Dixon is a liberty activist and writer from Maine. In addition to being Managing Editor for the Liberty Conservative, he also writes the Bangor Daily News blog "Undercover Porcupine" and for sports website Cleatgeeks.