Is Donald Trump The Most Dangerous President Ever?

Political hyperbole is nothing new in American politics. Even in recent memory, former President George W. Bush was often called Hitler by liberal opponents and former President Barack Obama was called any number of communist leaders by conservatives. While the merits of these insults is an entirely different debate, their existence has long been a constant. Dirty politics has always had a place.

With that said, Trump Derangement Syndrome has brought rise to an entirely new level of hyperbole. The fervent opposition to the President has brought upon this idea that there’s never been a worse President in history. Why? Because he says mean things, essentially.

Tom Perez, chair of the struggling Democratic National Committee, declared recently that we currently have “the most dangerous president in American history.”

This is an incredible statement given the number of presidents we’ve had and all the different types. It surely will fire up his base of people overcome with hatred towards the President, but does it pass the test of history?

President Trump is frequently criticized by the left for apparently being racist. This stems from policy views that affect minorities, such as a travel ban often mislabeled by Democrats as a “Muslim ban.” Because of policy beliefs and bans on certain foreigners entering the country, it is often said that he is a dangerous racist hungry for power.

President Trump believes he’s just trying to protect the country, which also was the belief of a much more dangerous President who happened to be a Democrat.

Former President Franklin Delano Roosevelt often gets a free pass from the left. He is a registered Democrat who also gave us the New Deal. Beyond this however, he took racist policy to a terrible extreme. In response to the attacks on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese, American citizens of Japanese descent were rounded up and forced into internment camps.

What’s more dangerous: a travel ban for foreigners, or American citizens being forced into camps?

Not only did Roosevelt violate the due process rights of countless American citizens, the precedent was set for history. When Fred Korematsu’s refusal to comply with the exclusion order went before the Supreme Court, the high court ruled in favor of the Roosevelt Administration.

Essentially, thanks to a Democratic President, a single individual can force any number of Americans into camps based on their heritage. This has never been reversed by the courts. That’s federal supremacy for you!

In recent years, the administrations of George W. Bush and Barack Obama have both massively expanded the surveillance state. The Bill of Rights’s protections have shrunk as they scaled back due process rights in the name of national security.

The war state under both presidents continued to expand. Once upon a time, the United States was a non-interventionist nation that generally opposed expansionary war and building an empire abroad. This changed under Woodrow Wilson, a Democrat, who led the country into a world war and paved the way for global military intervention to become the new normal in America.

But President Trump is dangerous because he says mean things, provokes other nations, and name calls his political opponents? Gimme a break.

History shows us there were many worse presidents. While it’s impossible to judge a presidency in progress, at this point in time, any number of presidents have a legacy of damaging the American legacy far worse than anything President Trump has done.

Chris Dixon is a liberty activist and writer from Maine. In addition to being Managing Editor for the Liberty Conservative, he also writes the Bangor Daily News blog "Undercover Porcupine" and for sports website Cleatgeeks.


    • Oh my god, get off the kool-aid. The dude is a pathological liar, he is an awful human being and his followers refuse to even remotely criticize him when he’s caught in lies or blatantly shows his terrible nature.
      Hold the man accountable, stop being a patsy.

    • Pitty Party much, Manny Gutierrez ? He is our President. Clinton is butt deep in scandals and illegal activities. I is all over the new today. That should keep everyone crying for awhile. Find a safe space, it looks like you might be needing one.

  1. Well considering the guy he replaced wad a full blown socialist who wasn’t even the worst socialist of his party I would say probably not

  2. He’s truly dangerous concerning the POS establishment politicians from both parties that have been taking our nation to ruins for several decades now!

  3. He must be ! Stock markets Re record high, GDP is over 3% , were not being financially raped by TPP
    How dangerous! Ma y he should’ve fucked this country over like Obama????

  4. No, he’s not the most dangerous. FDR and Wilson were AWFUL, far worse than this clown.
    Trump isn’t a man of liberty, he’s not even a conservative, he’s a big government Republican.
    He hasn’t done anything to qualify him as “most dangerous”, but he’s definitely no friend of liberty.

  5. We’ve somehow survived the most dangerous leaders for 50 years. This guy is actually trying to do the right thing for a change. Dangerous to our enemies? You bet your a$$ he is….

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