Liberal Media Shrieks In Horror As Trump Cuts Off ISIS’ Aid In Syria

The liberal media is once again crying foul after President Donald Trump terminated a CIA program to help Syrian President Bashir al-Assad’s opposition in Syria. The media cares more about the fact that Russian President Vladmir Putin supported this move than the fact that terrorists such as ISIS and the Al Nusra–jihadis literally at war with the United States–were directly aided by this CIA program.

Trump met with National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster and CIA Director Mike Pompeo before ultimately making the decision to cut off the program that began in 2013 under his predecessor. This follows news of a Russian-U.S. ceasefire in Syria that was agreed upon after Putin and Trump met during the G20 Summit in Germany earlier this month.

Under another President (particularly a Democrat), the liberal media would be gushing over the diplomatic brilliance of these moves. But in the age of widespread Trump derangement syndrome, liberal media personalities are actually mourning ISIS and using Trump’s move as more ‘evidence’ for fevered conspiracy theories about Russia.

“Abandoning the rebels, especially as vacuum forms in IS areas, is a gift to Assad and Putin for which we negotiated nothing in return,” New York Times writer Nicholas Kristof said in a Tweet.

“This is huge. An absolute outrage. The first real Trump concession to Putin that undermines U.S. security directly,” Commentary Magazine associate editor Noah Rothman said in a Tweet.

“Trump surrenders Syria to al-Assad. End CIA supplies for Syrian rebels. All but guarantees defeat,” said Malcolm Nance, a defense contractor and frequent MSNBC contributor, in a Tweet.

Despite the whining from ISIS apologists, Trump is fulfilling his campaign promises in many respects. He promised no more catastrophes like what occurred in Iraq and Libya under the watch of Presidents Bush and Obama, respectively. Syria was on the cusp of becoming another nation-building tragedy, but Trump’s maneuvering with Putin has made the toppling of Assad far less likely.


  1. They don’t care what’s right or wrong or maybe they don’t know right from wrong. If they knew the history of our CIA covert operations and how rogue they are. They might sing a different tune but I don’t have any faith they have the patience or inclination to take time and do research. Trump did the right thing.

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