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Military-Industrial Complex Pockets Tens of Billions From Trump’s Saudi Weapons Deal

Trump’s America first policies are really paying off, at least if you are a multinational corporation in league with the military-industrial complex. Two of America’s most influential and well-connected defense contractors, Lockheed Martin and Boeing, stand to make tens of billions a piece from Trump’s recent weapons deal with Saudi Arabia.

At a conference in New York last week, Lockheed Martin CEO Marillyn Hewson boasted that her company will likely receive up to $28 billion in new business from Trump’s record $110 billion dollar weapons deal with the Saudis. Dennis Muilenburg, CEO of Boeing, one-upped his counterpart by estimating his company will profit to the tune of more than $50 billion from the agreement.

According to a 24/7 Wall Street report, these estimates span throughout the course of many decades so revenue for the company is not expected to jump immediately. Nevertheless, the military-industrial complex will be well-lubricated and these defense contractors will grow more powerful over time as a direct result of Trump’s policies.

“I appreciate the efforts of King Salman, President Trump and his administration to support American manufacturers as we seek to grow at home and around the world,” Muilenburg said in a press release celebrating the agreement.

Lockheed will be providing the Saudis with 150 Black Hawk helicopters, and they are attempting to persuade the Islamic dictatorship into purchasing a missile defense system as well. They are anticipated to provide warships for the Saudis as well. Boeing will be providing help with aircraft support, guided weapon systems, military platforms, and a multitude of other services. Detailed specifics regarding these lucrative deals are expected to be announced in the months to come.

“As the chance of peace suddenly breaking out looks more and more remote, the arms makers are expected to continue raking in money hand over fist,” Jason Ditz of said about the news.

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