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Monopoly Man Trolls Wall Street Fat Cats During Congressional Hearing

Rich Uncle Pennybags, commonly known as the mascot from the classic board game Monopoly, showed up on Capitol Hill today to troll Equifax, a corporation whose negligence caused a massive data breach putting the personal credit information of over 100 million individuals up for grabs.

The activist wore Pennybags’ signature top hat and distinguished white mustache while dawning a lavish suit during the Senate Banking Committee hearing on Wednesday. He even pulled out his signature monocle to get a better look at former Equifax CEO Richard Smith as he took the stand and gave testimony, taking full responsibility for the misdeeds of what used to be his enterprise.

The protester, a woman in disguise named Amanda Werner, represents the organizations, Americans for Financial Reform and Public Citizen. This was not the first time she wore the costume in Congress. Werner was outside of the same committee on Tuesday, hounding Wells Fargo executives over a fake accounts scandal they were addressing.

Werner handed out “Get out of jail free” cards as well to shed light on what she feels to be corporate corruption. She is raising awareness of a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) rule passed in July limiting arbitration clauses that is under attack right now.

“Arbitration is a rigged game,” Werner said in a statement emailed to CNBC. “Bank lobbyists and their allies in Congress are trying to overturn the CFPB’s rule so they can continue to rip off consumers with impunity.”

The House has already voted to kill the rule put into place by the CFPB, although the Senate has yet to consider it. Werner hopes that her playful gambit will draw more attention to the issue, and prevent consumers from being further devastated by monolithic corporations and the politicians under their employ in Washington D.C.

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