‘An-Nalle-iliated’: Turncoat Vice Chair Dumped by Liberty Caucus

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The liberty caucus has effectively taken out the trash. This past weekend, the Republican Liberty Caucus removed their Vice Chair, Dave Nalle, from his position by an overwhelming 7-2 vote. He had been working to bleed the liberty caucus of its resources in a desperate attempt to prop up Gary Johnson’s fledgling campaign.

Nalle has been a fixture in the liberty caucus for many years but was admonished for his role as the head of a “Republicans for Gary Johnson” group. Through this operation, he was working as a clandestine operative within the Republican Party on behalf of another political party. Considering liberty-minded Republicans have to form alliances in the grassroots to achieve influence, Nalle’s style of “leadership” was clearly anathema to the success of the organization and its members.

The Republican Liberty Caucus is a dues-paying, member organization. Members sign up and get involved because, as in the great example of Ron Paul, they want to fight for freedom through the political process. The Republican Party is the only venue where liberty-minded folks have achieved tangible success. Liberty-minded individuals have won at every level of the Republican Party, with state and local opportunities giving them their best chances. Through his fickle, self-serving dealings, Nalle has done his part to throw actual opportunities for liberty activists in the trash to promote a Presidential candidate with literally zero percent chance of winning in November.

This has been covered on the Liberty Conservative before, when shocking revelations of Nalle’s palling around at the LP national convention and slobbering over Bill “Hillary’s Best Friend” Weld were revealed earlier this year. That article shook up the liberty caucus with the Florida, Texas, and Michigan chapters formally issuing statements expressing serious dissatisfaction in Nalle’s behavior. However, it took the national organization several months to finally act and make the no-brainer decision to give this man the boot.

However, this is just one small step forward to making the organization what it needs to be. A bigger shake-up is in order. Although he was removed from his Vice Chair post, Nalle still serves on the board of the organization. He maintains his board position in spite of spitting in the face of the membership by working in direct contradiction of the aims of the caucus. Looking at the official Republican Liberty Caucus webpage and focusing on state charters, few have URLs that even work and most chapters look to be defunct. This is due – in no small part – to Nalle’s sad, sorry leadership at the helm of the organization for many years.

Nalle has wasted the time, energy, and money of the folks who counted on him. His strategic ineptitude is unforgivable. In addition, he makes contemptible comments that embarrass the cause of liberty and make us look like a bunch of whining, left-leaning, sanctimonious jokes. There are plenty of them publicly displayed on social media to choose from, but here is just a small sample so you can understand the level of class and intellect coming from this man. When reading these troubling comments, ask yourself: “Is this really the type of behavior that our movement needs from our supposed leaders?

Nalle says anyone who criticizes the gun-grabbing, warmongering, Obama-supporting globalist Bill Weld is an “alt right goon.”

Nalle stands against the Brexit because those mean old Trump supporters seem to like it.

Nalle defends Loretta Lynch and Bill Weld’s fawning comments about Hillary Clinton and other Democrats.

Nalle professes the innocence of Hillary Clinton regarding her email scandal.

A couple of examples of Nalle’s political analysis that show why he has achieved absolutely nothing throughout decades of activism.

Nalle posts drivel so asinine that I don’t even know how to appropriately describe it.

Ron Paul wrote the foreword to Phyllis Schlafly and said the following about the conservative icon:

During my years in Congress, my staff worked closely with Phyllis’s Eagle Forum on restoring parental control of education, protecting American sovereignty, and protecting privacy. Phyllis was one of the few conservative leaders who endorsed my campaign to return to Congress in 1996. Her support was very helpful in overcoming the Republican establishment’s smear campaign designed to convince Republican primary voters that my consistent support of the Constitution and individual liberty somehow meant I was not a “real” Republican.

Here is what Dave Nalle had to say about that late, great titan for the cause of liberty.

The fact that this coward is still on the RLC board is a complete disgrace. Nevertheless, his removal from the post of Vice Chair is a good sign that this talentless, contemptible weasel will get his comeuppance. Because if accountability and consequences aren’t made a reality within the liberty movement, there is no point in even rallying behind this cause. Nalle’s cucked, spineless, accommodating, self-defeating loser method of liberty activism has failed. It is time to get serious about our work and turn the page on clowns like Nalle before they damage us even further.