One Day Away From The Election, Roy Moore Surges To Commanding Lead In The Polls


Judge Roy Moore ran for the US Senate to help President Trump drain the swamp and make America great again, but the road there has not been easy. He has been crucified in the weeks leading up to the Alabama special senate election, with establishment forces of the left and the right combining to malign him as a predator and a sexual deviant.

But those none of those smears have stuck, and the most recent poll conducted by Emerson College shows Moore leading Jones by nine points one day away from the special election.

“The poll sampled 600 likely voters and data was collected using both an Interactive Voice Response system of landlines only and an online panel provided by Survey Sampling International,” an report stated about the poll’s findings.

“What we’ve noticed is Moore’s favorability (rating) has really risen over the past three weeks,” Emerson pollster Spencer Kimball said. “He took a real dive after the allegations came out around Veterans Day and slowly built himself up back up to 45-45 favorable/unfavorable opinion.”

Emerson polling released a tweet indicating that it was Donald Trump’s public endorsement that likely caused Moore’s bump in the polls. Trump gave a ringing endorsement of Moore last week at a massive rally in Pensacola, FL, and recorded a robocall for Alabama voters urging them to get out the vote for Moore.

“Roy Moore is the guy we need to pass our ‘Make America Great Again’ agenda. Roy is a conservative who’ll help me steer this country back on track after eight years of the Obama disaster,” Trump said in his robocall to voters.

Judge Moore, even after his own party turned its back on him, stood strong against multiple accusations. As the credibility of those accusers has dwindled under intense scrutiny, Judge Moore and his supporters have been vindicated. Most other polls, barring a FOX News poll that seems to an outlier, have Judge Moore leading by comfortable margins.

“From attacks on religious liberty to judicial tyranny, there’s a war on right now against our Christian conservative values – and my campaign is front and center of the fight,” Moore said in one of his final campaign emails addressed to supporters.

If the polls hold up, Moore will have a monumental victory tomorrow that shakes the entirety of the political establishment to its very core.


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