Pastor Clinton?


To hear Hillary Clinton’s considering becoming a lay-preacher has created a social media firestorm of comments and opinions.

The biggest challenge in addressing whether her qualifications as a lay-preacher are valid is the likelihood that her supporters are standing by, ready to pounce on anyone who questions the former First lady’s interest in sharing her faith.

Regardless, even under the threat of public scrutiny, some real questions need to be asked. If Clinton is serious about this latest endeavor, her actions and political stances will certainly come into question.

Not to beat a dead horse, but she was responsible for a number of poor choices and judgments which have gained national infamy; from the infamous email investigation to shady dealings with certain foreign leaders and so on. To this day, she’s admitted no wrong doings, even after former FBI director James Comey exposed multiple lies regarding her email server.

While scriptures are clear that ‘no one’s perfect, not even one, it’s also important to note that Christians are called to address their shortcomings and repent for them. Christians are always instructed to remain humble and keep each other accountable.

Therefore, if someone’s engaging in an act or behavior which contradicts scripture, Christians are supposed to call them out on it and provide them with support to help them grow spiritually.

Non-Christians do not understand the concept. Instead, they are under the impression that Christians simply call people out then proceed to shun them. Tossing around the most Biblically incorrect and overly used trope they can come up with, “You’re not supposed to judge.”

True, God is the ultimate judge. He decides who goes where, not man. Yet, like a parent does for his children or one close friend does for another, there is something called tough love. It is done to help someone change behavior, their thought process, or their actions for their own betterment. This is not judging; rather, it is helping someone from experiencing disastrous results which could harm themselves or someone else.

Scriptures are set in stone and eternal, and it is plainly obvious that Clinton does not act in accordance to scripture in many obvious ways. Therefore, many of the stances the former First Lady has supported as a politician will need to change for that very reason. She will also need to understand the deeper meaning behind what God considers to be sin and exactly why.

Since so many self-proclaimed Biblical experts these days only seem to care about passages regarding the evils of homosexuality, that is the shallow understanding of scripture. Similar to how liberals push conservatives to read studies which supposedly support the transgender stance, those same liberals won’t bother to study the reasoning behind why certain actions and behaviors are condemned in the Bible, especially if they don’t follow their preferred narrative.

Today’s cultural hot-button issues include transgenderism, gay marriage, abortion, and integrating with the Muslim religion. All of which directly contradict the word of God.

Regardless of her credentials as a lawyer and politician, is this a field she should be entering at this stage in her faith?

This is not a question of her belief there is a God. It is her willingness to submit to God’s will versus her own opinions and public image that is in doubt. The ones who choose to pursue a life in the pulpit cannot be selective in which scriptures they like and which ones they don’t. Although she has claimed to be a devout Methodist, does Clinton understand when it comes to being a preacher that it is not supposed to be all about her? This is a humbling position. It requires one to submit to God and seek his will, not ask God to fulfill their will.

Yes, churches have different traditions and rituals but when it comes to context, it must always be obeyed.

Unless Clinton is willing to humble herself before the God she says she worships, it is going to require a significant amount of submission and in-depth study, along with some honest repentance before she could ever be taken seriously behind the pulpit.

Yet, if none of those actions ever take place, without realizing it, she could lead many down a dark and destructive path.

Remember, when pastors are caught in adultery or priests are molesting young boys, liberals and nonbelievers are quick to point out their hypocrisy.  The same reasoning applies for Clinton. If she’s going to be a shining light to the world, she too will be held accountable for her actions and adherence to the word of God.

Matthew Cassady is a freelance business writer supporting numerous companies with their content needs. Over the course of his 20-year career, Cassady has worked as a newspaper reporter, copywriter, corporate trainer, and now freelance business writer and Liberty Conservative contributor.


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