Feminist Rewriting of Morality: Abortion Is Empowerment


In the 1993 film ‘Schindler’s List’, directed by Steven Spielberg, there’s a scene where the main character Oskar Schindler (played by Lian Neeson) is speaking with Nazi soldier Amon Goeth (played by Ralph Fiennes).

Schindler explains what real power means.

His explanation is simple. Real power is when justice is deserved for an offender. However, instead of punishment, the judge pardons them. 

Goeth is an evil Nazi soldier who hates the Jewish people. The movie depicts scenes where he’s standing on a balcony overlooking a concentration camp holding a rifle, shooting and killing Jewish prisoners as target practice. Within his mentally disturbed mindset, killing Jews was no more wicked than killing ants.

During World War II murdering Jews was legal in Germany.

Many followers of the ruthless Adolf Hitler felt empowered when carrying out horrific acts on the Jewish race. It showed how one person could manipulate millions into normalizing wicked behavior.

While Americans condemn the Jewish holocaust, it has slowly and silently surfaced within the United States and become a legal fixture in American culture for over 40 years.

Modern Day Nazi Holocaust 

Many of the same Nazi inspired strategies are at work eliminating a complete generation.

The Left is fully aware what abortion means, specifically the end result. It’s regaining freedom from responsibility by ending another human being’s life. Regardless, it’s a selfish option feminist and the far Left supporters believe should be available to women who want to opt out of raising a child.

To keep momentum going for the cause, pro-choice advocates push the idea a woman is ‘empowered’ when she chooses death over life.

Very similar to how Hitler persuaded millions to follow him.

Germany laid in ruins following the first World War. His initial desire was to restore Germany. He promoted the idea of a superior Arian race capable of dominating the world. Then put out false claims the Jewish race was a cancer and the blame for many for Germany’s problems. Therefore, they would need to be cleansed from Germany to support what he claimed to be ‘a greater cause’.

It was Hitler’s passionate speeches which drew the attention of millions of people. People he was able to inspire to accept false accusations about the Jewish people and superiority of the Arian race.

Very similar to how feminists convinced the U.S. government to legalize abortion.

There were passionate speeches which contained cleverly crafted reasonings as to why it needed to be legalized, and how it would EMPOWER women more. Supposedly, abortion was also explained to serve a ‘greater purpose’.

Creating A Demon

Feminist groups refer to women as ‘heroines’ for their bravery to walk into a clinic and tear apart or suck out a living being from their body.

As Hitler demonized Jews as the reason for holding Germany back from achieving greatness, pro-choice advocates demonize men as oppressors over their bodies. Men who were supposedly forcing women to be baby carriers. A cleverly disguised conspiracy to not only demonize men but convince millions of people women were living a real-life ‘Handmaids Tale’ culture.

It was four decades ago where shame tactics and distorting reality convinced male lawmakers to play along with the lies that abortion was necessary.

Today, lawmakers who actually support pro-life causes are still too weak to push legislation to overturn it.

Therefore, the law stands.

Yet, going back to the original point, while abortion is legal, it equates to the atrocities Jewish prisoners endured at the hands of sadistic Nazi rulers.

To walk into a clinic and ask a so-called ‘specialist’ to dismember or suck out a living human being is the ultimate hate crime against humanity. If those who claim to be open minded and supportive of women’s causes and look outside themselves, abortion would likely not be a thought as killing a living thing would not support another living beings right to pursue happiness

Like Jews during the holocaust, innocent babies have now become an enemy.

Surprised pregnancies are now referred by many as, ‘unwanted’. A term such as ‘unwanted’ is an indication humanity is leaning toward normalizing evil behavior and actions against the innocent. Blaming the child for holding a woman back from achieving greatness.

This ‘unwanted’ child is viewed as a cancer which needs to be removed versus the innocent human being they are.

Men Are Deadbeats … Women Are Courageous

A way to get men on board is to promote abortion as a benefit to them.

Remember, men don’t get to choose parenthood. If the woman he slept with gets pregnant and chooses life (good for her) and decides to keep the child, she can force the father to make child support payments (which he should). Why? Because he’s just as responsible for the child as the mother is.

The father is not a victim of injustice. Before going into the bedroom, he knew there was a chance – even if he or she were using birth control – his partner could get pregnant. While he can choose not to be a part of his child’s life, a court can force him to financially support the child.

If he’s upset a portion of his income will go toward a child he didn’t want, people on both sides of the political isle will be quick to remind him, “He should’ve considered the possibility before he had sex.” 

If a man says he doesn’t want to be a part of his child’s life or he prefers his career over his child, his decision is considered – by society’s standards – to be selfish and inconsiderate. He will carry the stigma of being a deadbeat and a loser.

Any man who chooses to neglect his children is not considered a victim nor admirable for doing so.

The only way to get out of financially supporting the child is to encourage the mother to abort the child.

Here’s the irony, if the mother chooses abortion to pursue her career, she’s honored for her decision to terminate (i.e., kill) her child. She’s considered a victim and alleviated of any stigma for her CHOICE to abort the child.

Similar to men, women should not get a free pass to have an abortion simply because they don’t feel ready to raise a child. While many fathers are not any more prepared than the mother, the father is forced to take part in some way and harshly criticized if he abandon’s the child and mother. Yet, it’s acceptable for a woman to murder her child, where she may be even praised for being ‘brave’ and ‘courage’s’ to make such a difficult decision.

As far as choices, upon giving birth the mother can father can give the child up for adoption or take the child to a Safe Haven. Both options alleviate the biological parents of the responsibility of raising their child and the child is allowed a life they deserve.  That is considered a win-win.

Making Abortion Sound Logical

Hitler used the power of persuasion through passionate speeches and selective educational resources to portray the Jewish race as the enemy. Millions bought into his demented mindset.

Here in America humanity was targeted in 1970’s when abortion was made legal.

Feminists were successful in altering truth to make abortion sound logical, titling it ‘Freedom of choice’. Their angle was ‘reproductive rights’. An odd term they chose considering no one was taking away their right to reproduce. Yet, calling it, ‘death by dismemberment’ likely wouldn’t have drawn much support.

Similar to Hitler’s success in creating the delusion Jews were an enemy of the state which needed to be extradited, feminists have created the same one about the child inside a woman’s body. Using false logic, claiming the being growing inside of them is not a living thing, just a clump of cells. However, medical research shows us it only takes days for a child to begin forming in the womb. Plus, science has confirmed life does begin at conception.

Then came the argument that a woman deserves rights over her own body. However, everyone is limited by the government of what they can do with their body. Not just women. For example, …

  • The government places restrictions on food and drugs Americans can legally put into their bodies.
  • The government determines the legal age Americans can smoke and drink.
  • The government determines the age at which a person can have sex (which no one would disagree with in this day and age of pedophilia).
  • In most states, prostitution is illegal.
  • There’s laws against indecent exposure, meaning certain areas of the body are to be always covered up
  • The government can draft men to go to war if the need should arise.
  • You go to jail and face fines if you drink and drive.
  • No one is allowed to assault someone unless it’s in self-defense.

When you look at all the bullet points, while one could claim the government is infringing on people’s rights to live how they choose, the reality is these laws are to protect people from hurting themselves or others. The same laws should apply to the unborn. To ban abortion would do just that, prevent the murder of a child.

What is Real Power?

Anyone can pursue a career, but what’s a career?

It’s an occupation which pays you, helps financially support a certain lifestyle, and provides someone with a purpose until they retire. Then the individual’s hard work and success is passed onto someone else. Eventually, they’re forgotten.

There’s no honor in killing an innocent child outside or inside the womb.

While a man is considered a deadbeat and loser for choosing to abandon his child (as he should be) a woman is certainly no better for aborting it. A man who chooses freedom over responsibility would not be considered courageous or empowered by making that decision.

Honorable men are the ones who take responsibility and become part of the child’s life. Doing so gives them a chance to provide a real purpose to influence their son or daughter. There is where the empowerment and courage comes from.

True power is a woman who has her child, raises it, works hard to make a living, and when she retires, she finds herself rewarded with grandchildren and no regrets.


Matthew Cassady is a freelance business writer supporting numerous companies with their content needs. Over the course of his 20-year career, Cassady has worked as a newspaper reporter, copywriter, corporate trainer, and now freelance business writer and Liberty Conservative contributor.

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