Pedophile Teachers Should Be Ostracized Not Glorified

Stop praising and making a demagogue of female teachers who prey on their students. They are pedophiles and should be socially ostracized, not glorified.

Nothing makes me more sick to my stomach than reading yet another news story about a teacher having sexual relations with an underage student. Teachers who take advantage of their students are being exposed across the country in alarming numbers. It feels like we cannot go a few weeks without a new sensational story coming out.

Like this week, 24 year old Alexandria Vera made headline news when it was exposed that she was impregnated by a 13 year-old student. According to a local Houston news station, KSAT:

Vera, an English teacher, allegedly admitted to having a sexual relationship since September with the student. A report said the student was in the teacher’s eighth-grade English class. The DA’s Office said the officer received school records showing the student to be under the age of 14 at the time Vera began the sexual relationship.

Vera told the officer that she first met the student during a summer school session. The DA’s Office said the student tried to communicate with the teacher on Instagram. She later sent a message to the student after not being in class, which led to the student asking for her phone number.

Vera said the relationship with the student grew and they continued to have sex and spend time together. According to court reports, Vera said in January she got pregnant with the student’s baby. She told the officer that the student’s family was told of the pregnancy and that they were very supportive and excited about the baby.

Court reports said Vera ended up having an abortion after she got nervous when Child Protective Services unexpectedly showed up at school in February to question her and the student about their relationship. The DA’s Office said Vera denied the relationship at that time.

These are real quotes, by real men, in response to the article:

“Where were those teachers when I was in High School?”

“I would have been able to keep a secret!”

“That kid just ruined it for the rest of us!”


Grown adults, trusted by parents to spend half of their days with their children, are sexually taking advantage of children and that is the response?! Get a grip, society. No matter what fantasy you are playing out in your head of some Hollywood movie scene with you and a teacher, none of that changes the facts. It is not only disgusting for a grown adult to have sexual relations with a child, it is wrong and it is abuse.

Why is there a double standard when male teachers victimize students versus when female teachers do it? Both are predators who do not belong anywhere near innocent, vulnerable children.

When a teacher victimizes a student, regardless of the teachers gender, it is never worthy of a high-five or any complimentary response. Those teachers are acting like monsters and deserve to be shamed, condemned, and kept away from children.

Kaytee Moyer is a graduate of Millersville University of Pennsylvania, where she received a BA in Government and Political Affairs. She is actively fighting for liberty in her home state of Pennsylvania. Kaytee is an Advocate for Young Voices and she is a contributor at The Libertarian Republic, LifeZette, OUTSET magazine and PennLive

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