President Trump Considers Using Private Intelligence Support To Nullify The Deep State


President Donald Trump has waged a war against the deep state since the day he ran for office. The consummate outsider, Trump disrupted the continuity plans of the deep state and exposed their failures on the campaign trail. As a result, the deep state bureaucrats have undermined his presidency at every turn, and Trump is now supposedly considering turning to outside support.

The Intercept issued a report on Monday with claims that Trump is leaning on Blackwater founder Erik Prince as well as scandalized Iran-Contra figure Oliver North, who are pitching different proposals to the President for private intelligence support right now.

“Pompeo can’t trust the CIA bureaucracy, so we need to create this thing that reports just directly to him,” a former senior U.S. intelligence official with alleged knowledge of the proposals told The Intercept, describing the rationale behind this effort. “It is a direct-action arm, totally off the books.”

White House officials are coming out publicly to dispute this claim.

“I can find no evidence that this ever came to the attention of anyone at the NSC or [White House] at all,” Michael N. Anton, a National Security Council spokesman, said in an email. “The White House does not and would not support such a proposal.”

“You have been provided wildly inaccurate information by people peddling an agenda,” a CIA spokesman told The Intercept.

Nevertheless, the problems between Trump and the so-called intelligence community cannot be denied. At a time of unprecedented criminality and corruption within the U.S. government, a special investigator tied to the FBI is devoting a tremendous amount of resources to investigating an alleged Trump conspiracy with Russia that is largely a partisan fabrication.

Perhaps Trump will have to look to the private sector, rather than the swamps of Washington D.C. and Langley, VA, to ensure that his ‘America First’ agenda is followed appropriately.


  1. What? Now Herr Donny want a “secrete private spy agency” run by him, North, and Prince? What could possibly go wrong with this unholy triad of authoritarians running a “secret private spy agency” ? They can call their new enterprise, “The Gestapo”. The butter has finally totally slipped off Dumb Donny’s noodles.

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