Rand Paul Endorses Judge Roy Moore: He Will “Stand On Principle” With Me In The Senate

One day after announcing support from Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT), Judge Roy Moore followed it up with another marquee endorsement. This time, it is Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) vouching for the outsider who defeated his establishment-backed challenger handily last month in a GOP runoff primary election in Alabama.

“Judge Roy Moore has spent a lifetime defending and standing up for the Constitution while fighting for the people of Alabama,” Paul said in a press release from the Moore campaign. “We need more people in Washington, D.C. that will stand on principle and defend the Constitution. I look forward to welcoming him to the Senate very soon.”

Paul joins Lee as well as Alabama Senate President Pro Tem Del Marsh and 23 other Alabama state legislators in professing their support for Moore.

“I am honored to receive the support and endorsement of Sen. Rand Paul for whom I have great admiration and respect as a fellow defender of our conservative principles,” Judge Moore said regarding Paul’s endorsement. “I look forward to working with him in the United States Senate to defend our Constitution, secure our borders, fix our national debt, and allow the free enterprise system to create more jobs across Alabama and the nation.”

A little under two months away from the special election against his Democrat opponent, former Clinton-era federal attorney Doug Jones, the polling indicates that Moore may be in for a close race. One poll released last week showed Moore being up on Jones by eight points while a FOX News poll released yesterday shows the two men completely deadlocked with 11 percent still undecided.

Moore hopes that the support of prominent conservative legislators like Lee and Paul, as well as fervent support from media powerhouses like Breitbart News Executive Director Steve Bannon and former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, will be enough to push him over the finish line. The Alabama special election to officially replace Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ U.S. Senate seat will take place on Dec. 12.


    • Same old question. You know the same ol answer. His competition wasn’t running at the time of Rands endorsement. If he changed his mind it would of been a public flip flop. And people like you being using that instead. You can’t say I want the invisible man. All he did was endorse a republican over a Dem.

    • Yes he was lol everyone in Kentucky knew Bevin was running long before it was official that’s why Rand Paul being the opportunist that he is jumped on the McConnell endorsments like a bitch in heat.

      He endorsed in the primary season for a reason and literally anyone would’ve been better lol.

      I hope you are acting this dumb Nick Wilson.

    • Bevin would have likely lost the seat. Tell me how McConnell is not conservative? Regardless of what you think of his leadership which I agree has been bad he has consistently voted the right way. I’ve always said he’s a good senator but a terrible leader.

    • Rand showed himself as a phony and only did what he did because he’s scared of McConnell. He did it to secure his own re-election and everyone who’s being honest with themselves knows that.

      Bevin would have destroyed McConnell with Rands support. McConnell was not popular at all in Kentucky.

  1. So SO disappointed in Rand on this. The so-called defender of the constitution in congress publicly endorses a man who continually puts his beliefs above the constitution. Very much ashamed of Rand Paul. Criticize me if you want, but I’m voting for Doug Jones (D) in the Senate special election. #NeverMoore

    Edit: recent fox poll puts Moore and Jones neck-and-neck. Moore is toxic and is not fit for any public office.

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