Sen. Rand Paul Comes Out in Favor of President Trump’s Tax Plan

President Donald Trump officially announced his tax plan last week, and he will need some powerful allies in the legislature if he hopes to get it passed. He already has one in Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, who will put his conservative bonafides behind Trump’s initiative.

“I like it because it’s bold. I like it because it cuts taxes and it doesn’t play games and say we’re going to shift taxes around and it’s going to be revenue neutral. It does cut taxes. It take less money. It sends less money to the federal government. I say, if you want to defeat the beast, you’ve got to starve the beast. That means don’t send more money to Washington,” Paul said on a Pennsylvania talk radio program last week in favor of Trump’s tax plan.

Last week, Trump offered a general outline of his upcoming tax plan with more specific details to be released later. Trump aims to cut the top rate of individuals from 39.6 percent to 35 percent, and the business tax rate down to 15 percent. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnunchin boasted that Trump will be offering “the biggest tax cut and the largest tax reform in the history of this country.”

However, not every observer is buying the hype surrounding Trump’s tax plan. David Stockman, former budget director under President Ronald Reagan turned Austrian economist, told CNBC that although he likes Trump’s plan in theory, he objects because “you have to pay for it either with a new tax like the border adjustment tax, which is dead, or spending cuts which Trump has ruled off the table.”

“What you have down there is a total fiscal calamity that is going to basically dominate Washington,” Stockman said. It remains to be seen whether Paul’s optimism or Stockman’s pessimism will come to fruition. Further details about the plan are expected to released by June.


    • In my opinion it isn’t a move by Rand Paul. It is a title on a post quoting Rand Paul’s words on a plan that is apparently not fully detailed.

    • Where shall we start? Hmm. . .how about when he turned his back on his MOST Honorable Father, Ron Paul, to lick the boots of the Republican Party and endorse Mitt Romney? Yeh, that’s a good start to demonstrate his (lack of) character.

      It will always be enough for me to know he’s most certainly not the acorn of the Ron Paul oak tree.

      Happily, I was one of the masses who booed him, and Jesse (who Rand brought into the campaign), at the Ron Paul rally in Tampa, 2012.

      • Susie, I think you are missing the big picture. Ron Paul was respected by both his peers and opponents. His beliefs never changed the whole time he was in public service. But this we all know and that is what made him so popular. The problem is the voters were not informed enough to actually understand why we need a person like Ron Paul to actually change things. Until we Americans can get off of this two party mafia scheme we need people like Rand Paul to hold his peers, opponents and Presidents to both their Promises and the law. We wouldn’t be as far today at pushing back the establishment Republicans and establishment Democrats. I think we can agree with the chance he took by staying with the Republican party and work on changing the Party rather than getting a one time President will last longer. Anybody that thinks a President can magically change everything and instantly everything will be fine they are not looking at the long run. We need to start having real informed voters and keep going down the road of changing the philosophy of both the House and Senate. Which I believe is happening as I am typing this due to the fact that Rand Paul decided to use his influence in the long run not short run. This way when a candidate comes along like Ron Paul he would be able to get things done because the House and Senate would be receptive to it. This is just my opinion but I hear people say what you type a lot. I sometimes don’t know if the typed words are trying to be used as a way of discrediting Rand Paul or if the view of the typist hasn’t heard or read other view points yet. So I wanted to tell you my view of what happened in the past and why I think it worked out better in the long run even if it appears to be a betrayal of some sorts.Thanks for reading my view.

    • So, you’re cool with just being a lone representative and never getting anything done? You endorse people because they are more likely to play ball on at least some of your ideas, lol. Romney would have been more open than Obama, hence the endorsement.

    • I’m cool with not selling my soul to a political party – Ron Paul didn’t do that – never endorsed Romney either.

      I’m also cool with the fact that Romney was an empty suit who would have followed the path the puppet masters laid out for him – just like The Orange is doing.

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