Southern Poverty Law Center Targets Anti-Establishment Leftists In Russia Conspiracy Theory


Leftist-anarchists in the US, apparently displeased with mainstream liberal Russia conspiracies, have decided to aid the western intelligence agencies by concocting an even more outrageous ‘Russian plot.’

On Friday, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), the liberal go-to non-profit for “tracking hate groups,” published a piece by red and black anarchist author and geography lecturer Alexander Reid Ross titled “The Multipolar Spin: How Fascists Operationalize Left-Wing Resentment.” The piece, which has since been removed (you can still read it here) after “receiving some concerns” about claims made concerning independent journalist Max Blumenthal.

For those who didn’t see the piece, Ross laid out his massive expose of the secret “Eurasianist” cronies of Aleksandr Dugin across both the independent media sphere as well as several anti-imperialist activist organizations. The article, which came complete with convoluted ‘diagrams’ which implicated media outlets such as Russia Insider, Fort Russ News, and the Centre for Research on Globalization and US-based anti-war organizations such as Workers World Party, ANSWER coalition and the Party for Socialism and Liberation in an international coalition with far-right movements in an attempt to spread some kind of Eurasian authoritarianism.

Ross’ expertise in Russian affairs is a diploma from the Russian State University of the Humanities (RSUH) which he lists as an ‘Honor’ as opposed to his official Degrees. RSUH was among several universities that lost state funding as a result of chronic academic underperformance following Vladimir Putin’s 2012 election as president.

Despite this, Ross has engaged in a continuous witch hunt, publishing reports all over the internet, giving interviews, and even writing entire books about how fascists have infiltrated and manipulated leftist circles. Ross lays out his claims by detailing how far-left anti-imperialist parties such as Workers World enter in international coalitions against western imperialism, whether the target is the US, the EU or NATO as a whole, which are controlled by Duginist operatives who dupe these groups into supporting ‘fascism.’

What exactly is the type of fascism these groups and media organizations support? Well, if you find yourself in support of the legitimate government of Syria, or the independent republics in east Ukraine, or perhaps respect the results of the Crimean referendum, you too are a rube who has stumbled into fascism like US leftists.

According to the SPLC report, these coalitions are much more notorious than they seem. One example used is the international Syria Solidarity Movement which is confirmed to be run by Duginists as evidenced by steering committee members such as independent journalists Navid Nasr and Vanessa Beeley. Ross shows the ulterior motives of journalists like this by highlighting their work debunking mainstream narratives surrounding western propaganda blitzes such as the one surrounding the White Helmets in Syria.

In a statement issued on Facebook by Fort Russ Editor Joaquin Flores, he views this latest slander by the imperialist lapdogs is because “They fear they are losing ‘market share’. They fear that they are losing their methods of control.”

Flores went on to chastise the SPLC for allowing “fake anarchist-turned-liberal Russophobic conspiracist and bigot, Alexander Reid Ross…to cause them both big headaches, major lawsuits, and beyond” by demonstrably slandering anti-imperialist journalists and activists in order to subvert anyone who attempts to “create a public discourse to avoid war with Russia, to respect people’s of the world in their beautiful diversity, restore the rights to self determination for all people in the world including the many people’s of the African continent and Latin America, and to end this criminal campaign to vilify the historical experience of Iranians, Russians, Brazilians, Syrians, and every country that – through their developmental model which many respected experts in IR, IP, and GP have written about fairly and understand – has a government which protects the people from the race to the bottom that is globalization.”

Max Blumenthal, who was also a major target of the SPLC report for having the audacity to promote the possibility of a multipolar world rather than the current western dominated system. Blumenthal’s corruption is also apparently obvious by his attendance of the now infamous RT gala which was attended by Jill Stein and Michael Flynn.

Blumenthal addressed this latest hysteria in an interview with RT where he explains that this is just the latest effort by the west attempts at “suppressing everything that’s outside the establishment narrative.” At the time of the interview, several US senators had begun calling for censorship of Qatari funded Al Jazeera, which may have problems but Blumenthal attributes to a wider effort to shut down discourse on Palestine.

This latest slander against the true global anti-imperialist movement is just another illustration of the NATO empire losing their stranglehold on the world. The non-scandal known as Russiagate has reached such frenzied levels that now even “anti-authoritarian” leftists are willing to throw those resisting the Pentagon under the bus. While the SPLC sells out “black identity extremists” and “fascist collaborators,” Washington’s imperial designs continue to crumble from Damascus to Moscow. The west continues to show their weakness and those who resist will not take one step back!


  1. “writing entire books about how fascists have infiltrated and manipulated leftist circles”

    Ha ha! No infiltration is necessary, or even possible — the two categories are one and the same people, from inception.

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