Swedes celebrate National Day, 2016.

Sweden Democrats and the “Race Against Time”

Author’s note: In doing preliminary research for my piece on European nationalism earlier this month, I reached out to Henrik Vinge, the press secretary for the nationalist Sweden Democrat party that is currently in first place in national polling. Below is the full text of our interview.

Swedes celebrate National Day, 2016.
Swedes celebrate National Day, 2016.

TLC: Your party is attracting great support in the polls and looks to do well in the next elections. What has been responsible for the increase in membership?

HV: I believe the single most important factor is that we openly express what people are actually thinking. A newer party is not weighed down by old loyalties to the existing establishment and need not take responsibility or in any way defend old, failed efforts and decisions.

Our efforts in creating credibility have been decisive in us going from challenger status to competing for the spot as the largest party in Sweden. Historically, we have had in our ranks certain querulant representatives, and to succeed as a reformist, parliamentary, governmental party, we need to be diligent against any and all radical forces.

In order to become the largest party, we must illustrate extensive depth in our core issues. Although the circumstances regarding immigration are crucial to Sweden’s future, they are not always at the forefront of our everyday lives. Employment, welfare, education, and housing can oftentimes be perceived as more in our direct line of vision, at least for some.

American and Swedish media have both been very quiet about the migrant rape problems in Sweden. How bad is the problem, and why is the media not covering it?

Sweden is experiencing a literal wave of rapes and sexual harassment cases. The increase is due to massive immigration from certain geographical areas of the world. The fact is that Sweden is the absolute leader when it comes to reported rapes per capita in the western world. In excess of 50% of reported cases occur in public places. Studies show that Swedish girls and women are increasingly forced to limit their lives due to this increased insecurity.

Swedish journalists are almost exclusively either from the radical left or debilitatingly fearful. The leftists avoid problem areas related to immigration for political reasons, whereas the fearful simply do not dare report on them.

A group of migrants- some of them Syrian, many from other places in the Middle East and Africa, congregated in Germany.
A group of migrant men- some of them Syrian, many from other places in the Middle East and Africa, congregated in Germany.

Young people in America have so far been hesitant to the America-first message of Donald Trump. Why do young people in Sweden like the Sweden-first message of your party?

The Sweden Democrats have grown much more rapidly among our older populace than the younger generation and the reasons are, I believe, multiple. A generation having grown up with multiculturalism, ethnic strife, tribal mentality, and criminality has a more difficult task understanding a party which describes values they have rarely experienced or contextually perceive those as weaknesses; such as fellowship, trust, and honesty.

Many of the youth who have not experienced these problems personally have been brought up in a liberal-academic spirit, making it increasingly difficult for them to criticize the new, rootless, insecure, and oikophobic society. Unhealthy thought patterns often thrive within this group, resulting in twisted feelings of compassion for hardened criminals providing they belong to a minority. Present are also tendencies to perceive the state as a tool for achieving certain things such as ”equality” and ”justice”. A safe and secure society in and of itself has no real value. They are prepared to sacrifice everything built and accomplished by the forefathers of Swedes in order to experiment with a multicultural project that, in the long run, no one wants to live in.

Both groups are difficult to reach, and in order to successfully preserve what remains of Sweden as we know it, it is going to be an intensive race against time.

You mentioned employment being an important issue for many Swedes. What is the current state of the Swedish economy, and how will the solutions your party proposes make things better for your country?

Unemployment in Sweden is high among both our youth as well as foreign born residents and the reasons are several. One reason is that even the lowest of salaries are taxed heavily. Working simple jobs or part-time is not very profitable. We suggest a substantial tax decrease, primarily on the lowest income levels since this results in lower salary costs for the employer, and also contributes to higher incentives to actually work as opposed to not working.

How long have you been involved in politics? What motivated you to join Sweden Democrats?

I grew up in the midst of the ever expanding multicultural experiment. Ethnic strife and conflict combined with a destructive political correctness upset me and sparked my political interest which resulted in me becoming active in the party’s youth wing in 2012.

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