Tea Party Power: Mike Lee And Rand Paul To Fundraise For Judge Roy Moore’s Senate Campaign

While the tea party may not be the national force it once was, its remnant is still having a massive impact on national electoral politics. Sens. Mike Lee (R-UT) and Rand Paul (R-KY) are fundraising for a candidate who makes them look like moderates by comparison: Judge Roy Moore of Alabama.

Judge Moore, best known for sticking his nose at the robed unelected lawyers of the Supreme Court while serving as chief justice of the Alabama high court, crushed his establishment-backed GOP opponent Luther Strange in a primary battle last month. He is now the favorite to defeat his Democratic opponent, Doug Jones, in a special election and become Alabama’s new U.S. Senator.

“I’ll stand with Rand Paul, Mike Lee and Ted Cruz on the front lines of the fight against the Washington Establishment,” Moore said to his supporters in an e-mail earlier this year. His policy plan is to secure America’s borders, stop liberal activist judges, repeal Obamacare and Common Core, and end free trade agreements that cripple American sovereignty.

Because of Moore’s strong conservative bona fides, Paul and Lee will headline a Washington, D.C. fundraiser for Moore on Nov. 1. Their support of this true maverick Senate candidate has establishment conservatives up in arms.

“One doesn’t even need to focus on Moore’s tenuous grasp of the Constitution to recognize he is unfit for office. Law and order aside, he’s an embarrassing caricature of what a conservative Christian ought to be. He’s the embodiment of the worst right-wing stereotypes and he will absolutely be tied around the GOP’s neck as a giant, cowboy-hatted albatross,” media commentator Becket Adams said in a Washington Examiner op/ed article criticizing Lee and Paul for their full-throated support of Judge Moore.

Lee brushes off any concerns about Moore’s radical or unhinged views. He told the Examiner that he “does not agree with any of his colleagues 100 percent of the time and believes Judge Moore would be a better defender of the Constitution than his Democratic opponent.”

While Moore’s eccentricities and excesses may make beltway conservatives and libertarians cringe, the voters of Alabama see things rather differently. They see the opportunity to elect a genuine native son with the courage to fight the corrupt oligarchy that has turned Washington D.C. from the shining city on the hill into a wretched swamp. On Dec. 12, the people of Alabama will have a chance to shake the political class to its core and – with Lee and Paul by their side – put Judge Roy Moore into office as Senator.


  1. great another Republican that won’t follow the constitution. He’s a religious zealot that will try and legislate morality from his sky gods book.

    • Well I’m not a libertarian I’m an independent that leans toward libertarian. This is why the country is so messed up. Never understand why conservatives and liberals hate freedom so much. Maybe you should read some of his comments about how he ruled add a judge he doesn’t use the constitution he uses his biblical teachings to rule. We’re not all Christians in this nation and morality can’t be legislated or at least it shouldn’t. You and republicans like you are why the Republican Party is imploding. Can’t wait until your party and the democratic parties are gone. Then maybe we can put this country back on track to be the country our founders envisioned.

    • There’s no chance that he gets anything passed that “legislates morality” on the federal level. He will, however, be able to fight for lower taxes, less spending, and less foreign intervention.

    • Every single law that we have in our country is based on some form of morality. I agree that the NAP should be enforced, but to say that morality can’t be legislated is impossible.

    • Cynthia Rogers you need to read some comments the man had made instead being spoon fed by the talking heads. Learn to think for yourself. Get it straight! Brett Fairchild everyone’s morality is different which is why this country in the beginning used natural law. We’ve allowed government to get to big and now have every aspect of our lives regulated or taxed. Moore has already said he judges by the Bible principles rather than the constitution. I believe in religious liberty but not trying to legislate morality.

  2. Wait, so The Liberty Conservative will publish an article that attacks easily the most constitutionally principled representative in Congress in Justin Amash (because be doesn’t support Trump), but then publish an article in favor of a US Senate candidate who has openly tossed the idea around that someone acting on their first amendment rights is breaking the law.

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