The Laughable Left

Writing for Vox, Carlos Maza claims that “Comedians have figured out the trick to covering Trump.” It should come as no shock that someone writing for a bastion of semi-functional retardation like Vox believes himself to be today’s Juan Ponce de Leon and political satire is his long sought after Fountain of Youth. Despite Maza’s oblivious enthusiasm for the trivial and obvious, this is no huge discovery. He’s no pioneering and chivalrous conquistador, he’s the optimistic little boy who finally found a pony in a pile of excrement. Maza’s faux eureka moment is a microcosm of what has become of the Left and it is a harbinger of where it is going.

(Like Seinfeld, I hate anyone who ever had a pony. Moving along.)

It would be one thing if Maza’s high regard for low brow humor were an anomaly confined to his simpering screeds but rather than being an exception that proves the rule, his admiration for half talented circus clowns is the rule. Exhibit B in this examination of just how farcical liberal “thought” has become, is The Daily Beast. I follow them on Facebook and, from time to time, I read their articles, but I’m struck at how often their editorials are cursory commentary on what John Oliver said last night, or what Seth Meyers said last night, or what… You get the picture.

This is garbage disguised as journalism and it’s quickly suffocating the last vestiges of true liberal intellectualism, though some can be found infrequently in publications like The Nation and Glenn Greenwald’s The Intercept.

The Left has always suffered from a shortage of intellectual giants when compared to the Right. Sure, they had Gore Vidal, but his effete vehemence was kept in check by his superior arch-enemy, William F. Buckley. For years, Noam Chomsky has been ready to die at any minute and, with the exception of Chris Hedges (maybe), there doesn’t appear to be anyone ready to fill even the heel of his (arguably) large shoes.

The Left can’t claim to have a stable of heavyweights the way the Right can. Conservatives have George Will, Pat Buchanan, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Dennis Prager, Victor Davis Hanson, and so on. These individuals have inherited a rich tradition of conservative intellectualism that was passed on from Burke to Babbitt to Buckley and beyond. Liberals have been outmatched in a big way for a very long time.

And so, after centuries of pummeling, the Left is now in a state of intellectual crisis. With no political leaders to lean on – aside from the laughable Bernie Sanders and career hypocrite Elizabeth Warren – the party of FDR is lost in a labyrinthine morass of defunct and debunked policy ideas and shrill invective against anyone who questions the false efficacy of their failed ideology. They have no king in Camelot as they did when JFK ascended to the throne in 1960, so, having no recourse, they turn instead to court jesters for wisdom.

It’s a sorry state of affairs, or a funny one depending on how you choose to look at it, but it’s not funny the way the Left thinks it’s funny. It’s funny the way old folks rapping or fat people falling down is funny. It’s cruel and unusual but with just enough slapstick and shtick to make it worthy of a chuckle before changing the channel or clicking X at the top right corner of your web browser.

The elevation of professional jackasses like Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert to the status of elder statesmen marks a serious downturn in the quality of liberal thought. The Left was already subsisting in the gutter with their insistence on perpetuating policies that have bankrupt our nation both financially and morally. But, just when it seemed impossible for them to sink any lower, by hook and by crook, they found a way.

It’s not enough for them to demand unsustainable spending or dramatic shifts in our conceptions of basic facts of nature and ethics such as the biological chasm between men and women and the difference between right and wrong. They’ve debased our national political discourse with near nonstop denunciations of racism and sexism. They’ve replaced the education of children with top-down indoctrination. They’ve drained our coffers with their untenable entitlements. They’ve invited a soft invasion to our country by welcoming with open arms a horde of Muslim migrants bringing with them the extreme ideology of their despicable religion.

Having laid waste to everything good about our country the Left finds itself with nothing remaining to destroy except itself and the court jesters are leading the way toward their own eradication. Let’s make sure they go out to a rousing round of applause.

By day, Michael Rodgers is a logistics specialist in the aerospace industry. By night, he is an Associate Editor for the Liberty Conservative. He lives and drinks profusely in Dover, New Hampshire.

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