To Tweet, or Not To Tweet?


President Trump’s Tweeting frenzy can be described in so many words like entertaining, defiant and combative.

Of course, those not on board with the President may describe his Tweets as insulting, unprofessional and embarrassing. Individuals will generally support or oppose any action the President takes based on popular support. So, the difference of opinions regarding the President’s Tweeting firestorm is not surprising.

The real question is, does his Tweeting serve a purpose? Especially when posts are not presidential?

In June, Trump published some controversial Tweets about “Morning Joe” talk show hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough saying Brzezinski had “a low I.Q.” and “bleeding badly from a face-lift” while referring to her co-host and fiancé, Joe Scarborough as “Psycho Joe.”

The President posted the Tweet following a rant by Brzezinski on Trump’s ego and what she referred to as “not normal behavior.” The Tweet, as expected, made national headlines, giving the media yet another Trumptacular story to sensationalize.

Many in Washington have called on the President to rise above the criticism and focus on what is important in our country. Of course, no one actually knows what happens behind closed doors. With the frenzy the media creates over his Tweets, how many major national and international events are being overlooked because of their biased coverage?

There are two common perceptions of Trump’s Tweets. Observers generally think he is either throwing impulsive temper tantrums (something any liberal should know a thing or two about), or that he is just telling it like it is.


Talk show hosts and news stations have always operated under the idea of an imaginary code of ethics. Part of this code is the belief that the president should refrain from responding to negative comments or accusations as our political leaders should be held to higher standards. This imaginary code insists that presidents accept being a public punching bag without doing much of anything to remedy it. Former President George W. Bush was a prime example of adhering to this invisible code.

It was rare to see him go after anyone personally, even if someone’s nasty comments against him made headlines. For example, when Dixie Chicks lead singer Natalie Maines told a French audience in 2003, We’re ashamed that the President of the United States is from Texas.” These were comments she directed at Bush because of the Iraq war. Bush took the high road, commenting it was the country music group’s right to say what they felt.

However, Trump is certainly no George W. Bush.

Contrary to what George’s brother, Jeb, said during the 2015 Republican primaries, Trump, in fact, COULD insult his way to the White House–and he did.  Trump is always prepared for a fight, responds to personal attacks on a regular basis, and is not particularly concerned with anyone perceives him.

Americans saw the right amount of toughness that the nation needed in Trump. This masculine nature was certainly lacking under the Obama Administration. Sadly for Democrats, the party could not figure it out, even after Republicans dominated the midterm elections of 2010 and 2014. Republican dominance expanded to 2016, and all the Democrats can do about it is cry.


No doubt, the Commander in Chief knows how to leverage social media to his advantage. Here are the primary reasons why the President should effectively utilize his Twitter account.

Trump’s Tweets keep the media alert and accountable. 

Following Trump’s election victory, one of the biggest battles the White House waged was a fake Russia story that was published by Buzzfeed and later echoed by CNN. A story full of unverified holes regarding ties with Russia and character assassinations regarding acts of infidelity.

Presently, the President still calls CNN out on their reporting and is believed to have damaged the news organization’s credibility.  A recent video Trump posted of himself taking down CNN is the most recent example of Trump using social media to hold media outlets accountable. Hilariously, liberal supporters complain the joke video incites violence.

Challenging the media will do one of two things:

  1. Encourage media outlets to shift to unbiased reporting while improving their ability to confirm facts, or . . .
  1. Focus on damaging the president’s credibility. This is a strategy likely to reveal biased reporting and lower ratings.

Trump’s Tweets expose the people who are using their status or reputation to discredit him.

Trump’s Tweet regarding Kathy Griffin’s distasteful picture of herself holding a bloodied head of the president gained sympathy across the nation. Not just from his supporters, but also many liberals as well. Trump’s Tweet stated the following, “Kathy Griffin should be ashamed of herself. My children, especially my 11-year-old son, Barron, are having a hard time with this. Sick!”

Outrage over the incident combined with Trump’s allegation his Trump’s 11-year-old son had seen the graphic picture have caused significant damage to Griffin’s reputation. Her shows are getting canceled, and even CNN was forced to drop her from their lineup.

Trump’s Tweets strengthen support while bringing out the worst in the opposition. 

While the intent of some news organizations is to incite stronger opposition against Trump, they forget that it also strengthens support from the Conservatives and Independents who voted for him. Media outlets unwittingly help Trump’s reputation as a strong leader with their constant unfair criticism.

Plus, the biased media coverage induces incredible anger from the left causing relentless, sometimes psychotic, responses. News organizations hellbent on bringing down Trump are like frogs in boiling water over a stove increasingly getting hotter. They won’t realize their hatred has caused them to boil over–and lose the American public–until its too late.

He’s comfortable knowing not everyone will like him.

Regardless if liberals, or even conservatives, have issues with him, Trump will do what he wants to do. He has been in the public spotlight for decades and knows that not everyone likes him. He knows that not everyone supports him. Yet, he shrugs it off and never lets it affect his future happiness.

Even if he doesn’t win another four years or–by an act of God–is somehow impeached, he at least kept Hillary out of the White House and demonstrated that America did not want a repeat of Obama.

Because HE CAN.

It’s no secret that Trump has a massive ego. Plus, with his record of beating 13 Republicans in the primary and securing the presidency, why shouldn’t he?

His posts generate media hype, strengthen his support, drive his opposition crazy, and have even led to temporarily placing a halt on a leftist comedian’s long-standing career. These Tweets are have built his entire political career.

So again, why would he stop Tweeting?


As much as the media claims to despise him, Trump provides them with countless stories which keep them guessing and their business afloat.

His Tweets keep all Americans on their toes with the latest happenings in Washington. Plus, it’s a useful tool for counter attacks when the media, movie stars, or talk show hosts feel the need to attack or spew false information and narratives against him.

As Twitter users and Anti-Trump haters have discovered, if they want a fight, he’ll give them one and–as he’s already shown time and time again–odds are good that he’ll walk away the winner.

The real uphill battle is proving Trump wrong on major issues.

If liberals want to take down the president, it will take more than opinions and presences. It’ll have to be something on a grander scale, such as Watergate. However, considering what Bill Clinton got away with during his presidency, an impeachment of Trump is not likely.

And you can Tweet that to your followers!

Matthew Cassady is a freelance business writer supporting numerous companies with their content needs. Over the course of his 20-year career, Cassady has worked as a newspaper reporter, copywriter, corporate trainer, and now freelance business writer and Liberty Conservative contributor.

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