Trump Declares War on Globalism in Warsaw Speech

During a speech before thousands of cheering supporters in the Polish capital of Warsaw, President Donald Trump launched a passionate defense of nationalism and the very future of Western civilization–two concepts deemed racist and xenophobic by those who seek to sacrifice individual nation-states and the Judeo-Christian faith, along with those who support these bedrock concepts, on the altar of globalism.

Asserting that Western civilization is neither a geographical concept nor ideological or economic, Peter Beinart of The Atlantic argued the idea was purely racial and religious in nature.

“To be considered Western, a country must be largely Christian (preferably Protestant or Catholic) and largely white,” he wrote. “Ideologically, what links the current American and Polish governments is not their commitment to democracy—both are increasingly authoritarian. It is their hostility to Muslim immigration.”

Lamenting days past when American political leaders discussed globalism only under the terms in which it was originally sold to the public, Beinart criticized Trump’s new interpretation of globalism. Trump’s re-framing of the issue is sending terror into the hearts of leftists everywhere.

Beinart posited that “perhaps the most shocking sentence in any presidential speech delivered on foreign soil in my lifetime—was his claim that ‘The fundamental question of our time is whether the West has the will to survive.’”

The sentence, which “only makes sense as a statement of racial and religious paranoia,” implies “that anyone in the United States who is not white and Christian may not truly be American but rather than an impostor and a threat.”

Jeet Heer of the New Republic expressed indignation at President Trump’s suggestion that “American progressives, in their effort to expand the government’s influence on society, are the modern-day counterparts of the communists that threatened Poland.”

The Washington Post’s Jonathan Capeheart claimed Trump’s speech contained a “familiar boast that swells the chests of white nationalists everywhere.”

While the massive wave of third-world migrants, primarily practitioners of Islam, pouring into Europe and the United States is being used as an instrument to bring down Western civilization, the real clash of civilizations is not between West and East or South. The real conflict is taking place between those who value national sovereignty, religious freedom, and individual liberty against those who seek to end borders and organized religion in favor of a global government that exerts complete control over its citizens by denying God-given fundamental rights through brute government force.

Rather than debate the perils of global government, proponents of globalism and their willing allies in the political establishment and the mainstream media equate nationalism and Judeo-Christian values with racism and xenophobia–a shrewd ploy to vilify those most likely to oppose the end of the United States as an independent nation and sully the principles upon which she was founded. Fully aware of the hell globalism will unleash upon the world, we must ask ourselves, as President Trump did in Warsaw:

“Do we have the desire and the courage to preserve our civilization in the face of those who would subvert and destroy it?”

Clifford Cunningham is a freelance writer from Massachusetts. He served two terms as a City Councilor in his hometown near Boston, leaving office in January 2016. He also contributes to Infowars.

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