White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney Touts Trump’s Deregulatory Agenda At CPAC

White House budget director Mick Mulvaney spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Saturday. He described the economic deregulation being enacted the Trump administration and the sea change taking place in Washington D.C.

“The optimism among American business has never been higher,” Mulvaney said. He claimed that the amount of economic progress made by the Trump administration so quickly has been astounding.

Two of Mulvaney’s main deregulatory focuses are overturning EPA water-use regulations and clean energy regulations that are restricting economic growth. His Office of Management and Budget is figuring out the best way to dismantle those regulations right now.

Mulvaney described his job during his speech. He works with the different cabinet posts on specific regulations. He made it clear that deregulation is on the agenda for every bureaucracy, and that he is working with each office to reduce red tape. It is a constant focus of the President, and the deregulation agenda will continue onward during the second year.

Mulvaney talked about tax relief as well and how they have spurred immediate job growth that even Mulvaney and the administration couldn’t fathom.

“There was a tremendous pent up demand for economic growth in this country,” Mulvaney said. He says the administration is working on creating a booming economy similar to the 1990s when jobs were plentiful. This is being accomplished by making fundamental changes to the tax code.

“We didn’t just reduce taxes… We changed the structure of the tax system for the first time since the 1980s,” Mulvaney said. The growth will eventually reduce the deficit as the structural changes take hold, but he urges the American people not to be passive. According to Mulvaney, it is incumbent upon the American people to take chances and make this economic recovery last.

“We’re not out to get you anymore,” he said. “Now do what you do… Take a chance, be American. Prove to people that this capitalistic system works.”

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