How Whitey Got His Groove Back: Donald, Nigel and Saint Mel Set the Bar High


In an age of widespread political correctness, being white is looked at as a curse. It is now widely-acceptable for every member of a designated “victim group” ie LGBT, African-American, Latino, etc. to use blatant hateful rhetoric against whites. While if a white individual has simple pride for their heritage, they are treated like a full-fledged Klan member. This double-standard has been arrogantly waved in our faces as the inevitable future that cannot be changed due to inescapable demographic changes.

But not so fast. These victim groups may have overplayed their hand during the Obama era. Whitey could not go a day without being blamed for this or that. The effects of climate change are racist, and only privileged whites are holding back the world from carbon taxes and an environmentalist utopia. Do you eat tacos and enchiladas, whitey? Well, you’re a cultural misappropriating racial demon! Dare to try and speak your mind in a conversation to a person of color? Shut that devil mouth, mansplainer!

The insanity that has sprung up with microaggressions, safe spaces, and the culture on campuses has created a burgeoning Hellscape that would even have Rod Serling of Twilight Zone lore curled up in the fetal position begging for momma. Nevertheless, this type of unhinged behavior has emboldened the right and has caused whiteness to bounce back. I contend that in 2016, whitey turned a corner and broke through the artificial glass ceiling that these jealous leftist victim groups have been creating for generations.

And we have three men to thank for that: Donald Trump, Nigel Farage, and Mel Gibson.

Trump’s Triumph is Earned Privileged on Display

Much can be said about Trump’s amazing victory, but there is one key point that shouldn’t be lost on anyone. Remember, Trump’s victory is historic because he trusted his gut. He went “Full Trump” on everyone, and took an extended piss on his opponents. Virtually every expert out there said his moves were political suicide. He had extreme confidence (perhaps overconfidence) in his own abilities, in his own instincts, and his understanding of the American people.

Eventually, it all paid off. Trump may not be a genius, but you wouldn’t know it by how badly he outsmarted all of the political hacks and media talking heads out there. In the Midwest, we have watched a miracle happen because of Trump. Blue collar workers who would have never shown up to a conservative meeting in a million years are now hardcore, unflinching Trump partisans. As Michael Moore notes, Trump was elected by people who voted Obama in 2008 and many who voted for Bernie in the primary this year. This is not a racist uprising, it is a people’s uprising against the status quo.

The reality is even stranger than fiction. A billionaire born into immense wealth, Donald Trump has re-made the GOP into a worker-friendly party, and all the liberals can do is chide and demean voters after the fact. The entire political world flipped upside down in an instant! This didn’t happen because of white privilege, folks. This greatness was earned, and Trump pulled a fast one on liberals that nobody could have imagined. However, his victory probably wouldn’t have happened without much of the groundwork laid by Nigel Farage.

The Farage is Unbarrageable

Nigel Farage is the libertarian leader that America desperately needs. He grew the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) throughout several decades the way Libertarian Party organizers couldn’t in the states. He boldly stated that his mandate was to put an end to globalism and create a lasting restoration of national sovereignty. Those issues were barely on the radar at the time, but because he held steadfast, they were able to slowly gain traction throughout time.

UKIP took some hits throughout the years. There were some disappointing elections. There were a lot of set-backs. There were media-created controversies that hurt the effort, but because of Farage’s strong and steadfast leadership, UKIP was able to weather the storm. They were able to rally the troops, and cultivate an alliance with the British far right of the Conservative Party. This hard-work and struggle culminated in a serendipitous victory during the Brexit vote.

Like with Trump, all of the “experts” were wrong. They said that the voting public would never vote to leave. These experts underestimated Farage’s ability to speak to the working class. You see, liberals can offer bribes to the working class to grease them over and buy their votes. Individuals like Farage and Trump can talk directly to the working class in words that they can relate to. In turn, these voters move mountains and make the impossible happen for their populist leaders. Farage and Trump’s influence also exposes the hidden contempt that the liberal elite has for the common man.

This is what Farage has done brilliantly, and his political stardom has never been burned more brightly. In what has to be the greatest news imaginable, Farage and Trump have struck an alliance through Trump’s Chief Advisor, Steve Bannon. The idea that these two minds will be working together in concert to promote sovereignty and poke globalists in the eye is almost too good to be true. Perhaps if Farage is made Prime Minister in Great Britain, it could be the dawning of a brand new era.

With the tremendous shift going on politically, one intrepid man has broken through the Hollywood glass ceiling to redeem our culture and promote traditional values. That man is none other than the legendary actor and film-maker Mel Gibson.

Mel’s Back with a Bang!

After a decade-long fall from grace that saw Mel Gibson (or Saint Mel as he is referred to in alt-right and Catholic traditionalist circles) basically blacklisted in Hollywood, Mel is back with a vengeance with his war-epic Hacksaw Ridge. This is a movie that every American, especially if you are liberty-minded or a devout Christian, must see. It was a harrowing tale about a young Seventh Day Adventist who wished to serve his country during World War II as a combat medic without touching a firearm. Like an Angel, he saved 75 men from the battlefield without ever being armed. This was based on a true story.

Mel’s work will probably not win any Oscars because of his incredible and unabashed depiction of the power of Christ, and the amazingly graphic depiction of war. But if he is not at least nominated for his movie, the Academy Awards just might as well close up shop. This movie had it all – a gripping love story, an individual’s conscience portrayed as the antidote to blind institutional power, and an extremely accurate, unembellished portrayal of war. Most importantly, the movie trumpeted the love of God and country over love of the State.

What I need to especially highlight was Mel’s brilliant way of honoring the sacrifice of the troops and their heroism while highlighting the gruesome horrors of war. Through the Hollywood cesspool, war movies often feel like propaganda to glamorize endless purposeless war and coerce innocent young men into throwing themselves into the meat grinder without thinking. Hacksaw Ridge was not that kind of movie. Any young man would think very intently and perhaps pray deeply regarding their decision to join up for a war after seeing this movie, as it should be.

Because of a nasty public divorce and offensive drunken comments, Mel has been treated like a pariah for far too long. It is time for Hollywood to do what is right and graciously accept him. After all, they give standing ovations to known pedophile Roman Polanski every chance they get. Granted, Polanski is not a Christian so that is what makes it fine and dandy for those reprobates in Hollywood to celebrate that pederast. However, Mel is perhaps the greatest filmmaker on the planet. The man is a treasure, and it’s time that is recognized once and for all, regardless of his troubled past, his Christian beliefs, or his white skin.

We Must Take Great Pride in These White Accomplishments!

I know it doesn’t feel quite right. You have been conditioned your entire life to feel guilt-ridden and cowardly by every aspect of society for many generations. Being proud in the accomplishments of great white men is supposed to be a mortal sin. Those are the bizarre constructs that the liberal elite have put into place to subjugate you. Instead of lifting up minorities through the marketplace by capitalism within western civilization, they have divided us and set us against each other.

In spite of the efforts, the left has failed. Even their artificial constructs cannot stop white brilliance from emerging. The cream rises to the top, after all. The leftist brainwashing operation is in shambles. They have put billions, if not trillions, of dollars into this facade. They have every institutional power structure imaginable on board, but it doesn’t matter. The people aren’t listening. The people are onto their scam, and because the liberals are so arrogant and tone-deaf, they cannot do anything but hasten their own demise as they scramble.

To paraphrase Mark Twain’s brilliant quote, rumors of whitey’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. Liberals thumbed their noses at the majority too many times, and now your demographic advantages don’t look so monumental anymore. The sky is really falling for you folks, and your panic is well-deserved but it’s too little too late. Now, it is only a matter of time before minorities realize you are scamming them as well and turn on you too. I will happily extend an olive branch to those individuals. We will all proudly enjoy the fruits of western civilization together, with liberals and other degenerates on the outside looking in, of course.

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