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The Battle of Berkeley: When Patriots Beat the Anti-American Left

The tide is turning.

It is nothing less than an unmitigated disgrace that hate-consumed leftist ideologues have been permitted to unleash violence upon their political opponents for at least as long as Donald Trump has been a serious contender for the presidency.

There’s been an explosion of political violence in America, and it is all courtesy of leftist thugs, or “protesters,” as their sophistic ideological ilk in the media routinely describe them. It is thugs, not lawful protesters, who have spared no occasion to assault those who, in labeling them as “fascists,” “racists,” and “neo-Nazis,” they have rendered non-persons.

The latest incarnation of militant leftist hatred is the so-called “black bloc,” the “antifa” (short for “anti-fascists”). These are the vermin that conceal their faces with bandanas while dressing in black. These domestic terrorists roam in packs of considerable numbers. Loud, abrasive, and obnoxious, they can be counted upon to destroy property and attack both civilians and police officers by way of a range of weaponry, from bear mace, pepper spray, and knives, to flagpoles, bottles, rocks, and sticks of dynamite.

These phony “anti-fascists” also have a predilection for burning the American flag while chanting such pearls of wisdom as “f**k AmeriKKKa!”

They are not anti-fascists. They are anti-American. From this point onward, they will be referred to as such.

The Anti-Americans aren’t just opposed to American policies. They hate as well American citizens—at least as long as the latter reject their militant communist ideology. And it makes no difference whether those who they deem their opponents are elderly, children, or women. Anyone who the Anti-Americans regard as insufficiently “progressive” is fair game for physical attack.

By rioting, the Anti-Americans became especially emboldened when they succeeded in shutting down Milo Yiannopoulos’s speaking engagement at Berkeley back in February. Thus, they thought that they would be equally successful on April 15 in stopping a “Patriot’s Day” rally that was scheduled to be held in their hometown.

They were sorely mistaken.

The Pro-Americans have wised up. Having learned the hard way that the hard left is no less intolerant and violent than any other irrational force of nature, the Patriots converged on Berkeley in numbers comparable to those that formed the black bloc. And they came ready and willing to literally, physically fight for the Constitutional rights of all Americans.

Hundreds of patriotic men sported helmets, goggles, and protective devices for their chests and knees. They had weapons, too, but, being law-abiding citizens, they put up no fuss when Berkeley police, outrageously, disarmed them.

When the Anti-Americans—sporting military-grade tear gas canisters, M-80’s, flag poles, bottles, and stones—arrived to cause mayhem, the police reportedly disappeared. The patriots, though, not only stood their ground.

They won.

While the Pro-American forces sustained some injuries, they gave more than what they got, bloodying and humiliating the neo-communist terrorists. As the growing internet sensation and freedom fighter, Kyle Chapman, aka the “Based Stick Man,” put it, the Anti-Americans had “their asses handed to them.”

Indeed. The Patriots pulverized the Anti-Americans terrorists and chased them out of town.

Let this register: Pro-Trump, pro-American right-wingers beat and chased militant leftist communists from, of all places, Berkeley, the bluest of blue cities, the home of American “progressivism.”

The victors are now hailing this as the “Battle of Berkeley,” the moment when Americans put the whole left on notice that all attempts to silence them through intimidation and force would henceforth be met with the same. Video footage of the event is all over the internet. Readers can easily see for themselves that this truly was an epic battle, something that, given the sight of hundreds of people slugging one another in smoke-filled streets and the sounds of sticks of dynamite detonating, seemed even theatrical—like the dawning of a civil war.

The Based Stick Man, who now heads the military wing of Proud Boys, Gavin McInnes’ right-wing protection squad, warns the antifa in a video that “we” will be coming to every “liberal stronghold” in the country. If the terrorist thugs plan on executing their anti-American designs in the future, he assures them that the right will replicate the beat down that the left suffered in Berkeley.

Something in American politics has changed. The hatred, intolerance, and violence of the left have finally provoked a very specific type of reaction, a phenomenon that, for all of the left’s dishonest hysteria, no one is accustomed to witnessing:

Right-leaning Americans who are using force to meet, and prevail over, the left’s use of force.

On April 28, Ann Coulter, who is friends with Gavin McInnes, will appear to speak at Berkeley—in spite of the fact that Berkeley administrators, citing “safety” considerations, tried canceling her event. An ever expanding army of Deplorables—Bikers for Trump, the Proud Boys, the Three Percenters, military veterans, and, quite possibly, Academi (formerly known as Blackwater)—are already organizing protection. If anti-American politicians insist upon ordering local police to stand down so that rabid leftist punks can terrorize innocents, the Patriots, from this point onward, will meet them head on.

Recruiting efforts are underway. So too is the machinery for a system of legal support for those Deplorable activists that get arrested for busting the heads of left-wing terrorists.

What we witnessed at the Battle of Berkeley is the birth of something quite new, a phenomenon entirely different from your parents’ or grandparents’ Republican Party-style “conservatism.” It is not the Religious Right, the Moral Majority, or even the Tea Party. The fake news hacks, the antifa terrorists’ propagandists, have spared no occasion to manipulate Americans into thinking that conservatism or right-wing ideas are limited to aging baby-boomers.

The Patriots or Deplorables, if you will, put the lie to this. Young (Generation X and millennials), patriotic, and incensed over the violent attempts to subvert the country that they love, these “conservatives” won’t just wave flags; they’ll take poles and fists to the skulls of American-haters who would harm those with whom they disagree.

More will be written on this subject in the future. After all, as long as the left radicalizes, the Deplorables’ forces will grow. In the meantime, all eyes next weekend should be on Berkeley for when Ann Coulter makes her appearance.

The left’s bullying days may be coming to an end.

Jack Kerwick received his doctoral degree in philosophy from Temple University. His area of specialization is ethics and political philosophy. He is a professor of philosophy at several colleges and universities in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.


  1. It’s interesting how the AntiFa people wear masks, because they know they don’t want to be personally associated with what they are doing. When you are proud of your actions, and truly stand behind them, there is no need to hide your identity. The same thing happens here on Facebook… often the commenters who support absurd leftist ideas, or just do a bunch of name calling and insulting, have profiles with no pictures of themselves, or any info about them. They hide in anonymity because they are ashamed to actually stand behind their actions.

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