CNN caught feeding Hillary Clinton's talking points to a focus group after the second presidential debate.

BUSTED: CNN caught feeding Clinton talking points to “focus group”


Following the presidential debate on Sunday night, which was widely perceived as being a win for Trump, CNN conducted a “focus group” with the audience members in attendance who they claimed were undecided.

At one point in the focus group, CNN plays a video of Hillary Clinton delivering her prepared line, “America is great because we are good,” before cutting back to the studio audience for their reaction.

In the split second before the video cuts back to the studio, the hostess’ microphone is turned on and being broadcast. She can be heard clearly whispering that line to one of the “undecided” voters in the audience.

“America is great because we’re good,” the host quickly whispers, clearly trying to hurriedly deliver the talking point to the audience member before she went back on television.

Watch the video below and decide- was CNN, which many have described as the “Clinton News Network,” faking their own “unbiased” focus group and encouraging them to repeat Clinton’s talking points?

Did they also fake the results of their “poll” that showed Clinton winning the debate (a poll they admit had an overly Democrat sample)?

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