Don’t Crucify Cruz Yet – Lessons from Theodore Roosevelt

Yesterday, my social media was full of stories of liberty loving conservatives blasting Ted Cruz for publicly stating that he was voting for Donald Trump for President of the United States of America. I have read all sorts of stories that clearly indicate that these individuals feel betrayed and that they can never trust Ted again. They do not trust Trump and feel that Trump is going to be a disaster. How could Cruz, the man who so faithfully fought for our liberties, sell us out?

In 1898, Theodore Roosevelt returned from Cuba. Roosevelt was a national hero because of his exploits with the Rough Riders. Immediately upon his return, there was instantaneous public support for Roosevelt to run for Governor of New York. Both the Republicans and the Independents were demanding that Roosevelt run under their banners.

Roosevelt had a history of fighting against public corruption. From his days in the New York Assembly, to being a member of the Civil Service Commission, and later being a New York City Police Commissioner, Roosevelt fought against the system. Wherever Roosevelt went, he received national media attention fighting for the people and against crooked politicians.

No sooner had Roosevelt returned and the Rough Riders were decommissioned, then Roosevelt made a beeline to the home of Senator Platt, the undisputed Republican Party boss of New York. After leaving this meeting, Platt publicly stated that he would be supporting Roosevelt for Governor.

The public outcry was immediate. All of Roosevelt’s supporters felt that he must have cut a deal and had sold out his convictions. The Democratic newspapers made fun of Roosevelt, saying that the man who could charge a hill in the midst of enemy fire wilted in front of a party boss. The Independent newspapers chided Roosevelt that he had sold out his cause of reforming government. The Republican newspapers focused upon the words of Platt and published their assumption that the party boss was still in control. It was bad news day for the future governor of New York.

While Roosevelt’s supporters had felt betrayed, he somehow managed to barely win the race. Roosevelt kept regular meetings with the party bosses, but if you study the results of the bills signed by the governor, it is clear that Roosevelt did not betray the cause that he had been fighting for many years. Roosevelt used his public office to continue his fight for reforms.

To my friends who feel like Cruz has betrayed them, please do not throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Every Constitutional Conservative in this country desires to see this nation return to the constitutional principles that it was founded upon. However, please remember that this nation did not stray from its foundations in one night, and we are not going to return overnight.

Think of a football game. If you look at the playbook for a team, there are very few plays designed to score an 80-yard touchdown. Most of the plays are designed for 3 – 15 yards. The team knows that occasionally their opponent will make a mistake and allow them to break a short play into a long touchdown. While the team loves the big play, they practice executing shorter plays so that they can eventually score.

Ted Cruz understands that there is nothing he can do right now to score a touchdown for the cause of returning this nation to its foundations. Cruz understands the consequences of a Clinton presidency. If Clinton were to win, she would advance the ball so far away from the Constitutional foundations of this country that it will make the job of returning to our foundations that much more difficult.

I understand those that believe that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are cut from the same cloth. I agree with you that Donald Trump does not understand what it means to be a Constitutional Conservative.

Ted Cruz has publicly declared how he is going to cast his vote in November. He has in great detailed explained how he reached this decision. Ted Cruz understands that in the battle for reform, he needs to stay on the playing field. Ted Cruz has decided that he is going to retain some influence in what is going to happen in hopes that he can continue to fight for our cause in the years to come.

Constitutional Conservatives, you have every right to keep a very close eye on Ted Cruz and make sure that he remains faithful to the fight. However, be very careful that you are not leaping to conclusions too quickly.

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