House Freedom Caucus Member Mo Brooks Announces Senate Run

Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) is attempting to make the jump from the House over to the Senate. The ultra-conservative lawmaker officially kicked off his campaign today after making several pit stops throughout the state of Alabama.

“America’s future is at risk because our country’s foundational principles are under daily attack,” Brooks said as reported by the Alabama Media Group. “Our republic is only as good as our elections process. America’s elections are threatened by those who support voter fraud and election theft by opposing voter identification laws while encouraging non-citizens to vote in American elections.”

Brooks is competing for the seat vacated by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who left the Senate mid-term to serve in the Trump administration. Brooks will be competing against incumbent Senator Luther Strange, who was appointed to the seat back in February by former Gov. Robert Bentley.

Bentley was forced to resign in disgrace following an embarrassing public sex scandal. He plead guilty to misdemeanor campaign-finance charges and resigned last month. His baggage may extend to the person who he hand-selected for the Senate seat. This opens the door for Brooks, who plans to seize the opportunity.

“As you know, every election cycle is full of candidates who talk the talk and market themselves as something they are not,” Brooks said. “What distinguishes me is that I walk the walk. The proof is my record of conservative leadership.”

Brooks is a member of the House Freedom Caucus, a group known for its conservative bona fides. Brooks’ voting record backs up his tough talk. He received a 94 percent ranking from Heritage Action, an 87 percent ranking from the Club for Growth, and an 88 percent ranking from Conservative Review in their most recent legislative scorecards, putting Brooks near the top of every list.

Establishment forces are expected to strongly promote Strange’s efforts to retain his appointed seat. The Senate Leadership Fund, a Washington D.C.-based PAC, has already started their attacks on Brooks. The fight has only just begun, and it is already getting very contentious in the Heart of Dixie.


  1. “America’s future is at risk because our country’s foundational principles are under daily attack,”

    By… whom, exactly? The GOP controls all three branches of fedgov. Gonna have to update those talking points, Mo.

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