Alex Jones: My Radio Show is a Trump-Free Zone!

Conspiracy-minded radio host Alex Jones has been under fire in recent weeks undergoing a series of messy public legal battles. Jones is under so much heat that he has even warned his close ally, President Donald Trump to stay off his radio show!

“The truth is I told the president — I’m like, “Down the road some time, once we’ve got the big agenda through, please come on.” And he’s like, “How about soon? how about, yeah, I want to come on. How about next week?” “Sir, I’m not sure that would be good. I’ve said a lot of things — a lot of things out of context. I’m just not sure about that.” He just paused. See. See how that works? It isn’t about me. It’s about victory,” Jones said on his radio broadcast recorded May 12.

Jones claims that he received a phone call from President Trump recently congratulating him on his marriage to his second wife. Trump was allegedly enthusiastic about appearing on Jones’ show, but Jones advised him to air on the side of caution. Jones believes that defeating the globalist agenda is more important than landing a juicy interview. Still, Jones is unclear whether he made the right decision declining Trump’s offer to appear for a second time on his radio show.

“Quite frankly, maybe it would be good just to have Trump on because it’s all about defeating them, throwing it in their face, destroying them… They try to demonize me, they try to say I’m a horrible person, they try to lie about me, and it still fails, they still can’t destroy our audience, they can’t get rid of our listeners, we still go on…. Did I make the wrong decision? I went with my gut,” Jones said.

Jones is currently undergoing a legal fight with Chobani over reports he released tying the corporation’s support of refugees to a tuberculosis outbreak near their Idaho factory. Jones also settled a messy public custody battle with his ex-wife, resulting in a final judgment of joint custody. Jones is undaunted despite these hiccups, but remains very concerned about how his behavior will impact the President that he helped to elect last year.

“My spirit said, no don’t have Donald Trump on next week. Don’t do it. Because they’ve already sat there and hurt him by taking more radical things out of context,” Jones said. “But then that kind of gives them the power. They’re always going to lie anyways, so I don’t know. It’s one of those things where actually kinda not sure, but I made the decision.”


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