Libertarian Party Chairman Slams Mises Institute, Links Holocaust Survivor to Nazism

In case any question remained as to whether non-leftist and paleolibertarian voices were welcomed in the Libertarian Party, LP Chairman Nicholas Sarwark made it clear in a recent Twitter battle with liberty movement voices associated with the Ludwig von Mises Institute. The institute’s President, Jeff Deist, was singled out in particular for ridicule.

Attempting to deflect from his critics’ accusations of the LP being nothing more than a gargantuan black hole defined by a puerile obsession with marijuana, Sarwark shamefully accused the Mises Institute of “being the preferred choice of actual Nazis.

Sarwark’s sensationalist accusation is distasteful not only for its inaccurate characterization of the Mises Institute as an institution, but it’s particularly insulting to the intellectual tradition of Ludwig von Mises himself, a spirit Murray Rothbard sought to preserve and maintain when he founded the Mises Institute along with Lew Rockwell in the memory of his mentor back in 1982. The Mises Institute is literally an organization founded by a Jew to preserve the legacy of primarily Jewish Austrian economists, but Sarwark still insists that it is a Nazi favorite without so much as a shred of evidence.

Von Mises, of Galician Jewish origin, was forced to flee the looming threat of Nazi persecution twice in his life; originally in 1934, from Austria, where he served as an economic advisor to the pre-Anschluss Austrian Government, and from Switzerland to the United States in 1940, with National Socialist domination of the entire European Continent becoming apparent. Under most historiographical analysis of the Holocaust which counts Jews fortunate enough to have escaped Nazi occupation to safe territories as Holocaust Survivors, Ludwig von Mises certainly fits the definition.

If Sarwark is unstoppably determined to find a way to attack the Mises Institute and link them to the riotous and hateful behavior seen in Charlottesville, he would at the very least be best served choosing words not in blatant contradiction with the life of its founder and his intellectual inheritors.


  1. When you are in a hole, stop digging. One of the memes wa “Democrat – who can beat me at alienating th base; LP – hold my beer”.
    I saw this i the LP 20 years ago. I didn’t think the destruction would be either as thorough or entertaining.

  2. The Libertarian party got hijacked long ago by the democrat party just as the Tea Party got hijacked by the republicans. Both parties are two sides of the same coin.

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