Kevin Spacey Exposed As Pedo, House of Cards Canceled


Hollywood Actor Kevin Spacey, known primarily for his portrayal of Machiavellian manipulator Frank Underwood on Netflix’s House of Cards, was exposed as a pedophile on Sunday evening. Spacey apologized to fellow actor Anthony Rapp in a tweet responding to Rapp’s accusations that Spacey had attempted to molest him as a 14-year-old boy, claiming the incident occurred as a result of “deeply inappropriate drunken behavior.”

Curiously, Spacey chose to take the opportunity of his public admission of guilt as a chance to announce he was now choosing “to live as a gay man.” Spacey’s conflation of public contrition for his actions and coming out of the closet was not appreciated by many leading gay figures in the media, being interpreted as an underhanded attempt to divert media attention from the accusation itself.

The revelations of Spacey’s sexual misconductin which Rapp describes being carried to a bed and smothered by Spacey, then in his mid-twentiesled to the announcement of the cancellation of House of Cards, Spacey’s flagship production. Netflix executives said just hours after Spacey’s public apology that the show would cease production after its upcoming sixth season.

The latest expose of a leading Hollywood figure for pedophilia does no good for cinema industry’s increasing reputation for being replete with rape, child abuse, and other forms of sexual misconduct, most notably personified with the exposure of fat cat mogul Harvey Weinstein, who as of Monday stands credibly accused of either molesting, harassing or outright raping dozens of women working in the industry.

Curiously enough, the association of Hollywood with pedophilia and abuse is not an entirely recent accusation. Alternative media figuresmost notably Infowars host and ringleader Alex Joneshave maintained of the existences of such horrific abuses in the industry for years if not decades.


  1. “Netflix executives said just hours after Spacey’s public apology that the show would cease production after its upcoming sixth season.”
    Those macho Netfilx guys! Way to put your foot down AFTER the upcoming season. Such hard asses.

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