Libertarian Party of Nevada Endorses Sabotaging Own Party’s Convention with Leftist Tactics

The Vice Chair of the Libertarian Party of Nevada has proposed an elaborate sabotage campaign based on far leftist tactics – to take down their own conference!

David Colborne, Vice Chair of the Libertarian Party of Nevada, used the official website of state party to propose a sabotage campaign of their own Party’s conference to deny certain libertarian undesirables their right to organize within the Party. Although he was not mentioned specifically in the article, many links clearly indicate that the “polarizing” figure referenced by the article is Augustus Invictus.

In his post titled “The Max Power Way” on the LP of Nevada blog, Colborne blamed Invictus for hiding “behind pregnant women” after ANTIFA leftists threatened a pregnant woman who is apart of his political circle. From there, Colborne suggested that the established leadership of the Libertarian Party of Florida sabotage their own conference in order to preserve “the status quo indefinitely.”

Colborne went on to applaud the Mid-Atlantic Liberty Fest, which was slated to be held in Harrisburg, PA last month, being shut down due to terror threats made at the venue organizers. This came after the Libertarians United Against Fascism, a group Colborne also applauds in the article, urged a call to action for ANTIFA to wage war against the event. He also suggested leftist agitator Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals as a guide for established leadership to control the Libertarian Party of Florida with an iron fist.

Colborne justifies his sabotage schemes with fevered conspiracy theories. He says it is the only way to prevent Invictus’ “very own Reichstag Fire.” He also speculated that Invictus called in a bomb threat to prevent himself from speaking at an event where he was scheduled, without offering even a shred of evidence. Libertarian Party of Florida activist Ryan Ramsey believes he knows the motive behind these bizarre tactics.

“Nevada has a tiny apparatus totally hijacked by admitted Cultural Marxists like David Colborne and Jason Weinman, so they are prominent in the attacks,” Ramsey said. Ramsey is a Florida Libertarian close to Augustus Invictus. His wife, Brandi is the pregnant woman who was threatened by leftists.

Over the Easter weekend, the Libertarian Party experienced a public relations nightmare after posting Satanic verses on social media during the Easter weekend, angering many people. LP Chairman Nick Sarwark also posted a condescending tweet slamming video blogger Julie Borowski that drew ire from many libertarians.

Although political parties are typically meant to be grown, it seems as if the Libertarian Party has taken the opposite approach. After failing to capture even five percent of the vote with their “biggest name” Presidential ticket in history, party brass is seemingly on a mission to alienate potential members.

Nevertheless, Ramsey is encouraged about his future prospects despite the party turmoil. He said, “They cannot wave enough dildos or pepper spray enough women to beat us, I am confident liberty will win.”


  1. I have a serious question. Do you think you’re journalists? If so, how? Regardless of politics, I can’t take this article seriously due to the lack of any journalistic technique. This is an ongoing issue with this website, along with many others like it. I really encourage you to take the time understand how journalism works if you want to offer a product with any credibility. Just my opinion. Good day.

  2. First of all, his name is Colborne, not “Colburne” and he happens to be an intelligent man suggested nothing of the sort (and I know this because I know *him* personally). Second Invictus, is a racist, inflammatory POS and I know this because I live in his state and have seen him in action. Try actually fact checking the garbage you post before you post it.

  3. Wow, talk about sabotage:

    “Get a slate of candidates put together. Identify every single office in your state affiliate and make sure that every position on that list has one of your people in mind. Do not accept surprises. Make sure you know who these people are, make sure they’re trustworthy, and make sure they’re motivated. Then, put them to work. LP Florida, for example, has several “regional representatives” – have each of your regional representative candidates hold meetings, social events, and other gatherings to identify potential supporters and ensure they have rides and credentials to the convention. Make sure these activities are well publicized throughout your state.”

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