Mike Cernovich Joins Forces with Alex Jones, Will Regularly Host Infowars’ Radio Show

Conservative blogger Mike Cernovich has experienced a whirlwind rise to prominence. Going from a relatively unknown Donald Trump supporter to one of the most recognizable names in alternative media in just about a year, Cernovich is taking the digital media landscape by storm. The next frontier for Cernovich to conquer will be talk radio, as he will be a regular guest host on “The Alex Jones Show.”

“I look forward to breaking huge stories on InfoWars,” Cernovich said to CNN. “Although I enjoy political commentary, breaking news is even more important these days, and InfoWars is a great platform with a massive audience of news and information addicts.”

Cernovich is going to host an hour of Jones’ show in the Friday afternoon time slot. The alleged troll has been attacked by the mainstream media as a conspiracy theorist for breaking news stories, including a derogatory profile on “60 Minutes” last month. He was falsely accused of giving a white supremacist hand gesture just last week while debuting as a White House correspondent.

Cernovich’s new employer is no stranger to controversy as well. Jones is undergoing a series of public lawsuits, including an ugly custody battle that recently concluded with Jones losing sole custody of his children. Regardless of the increased scrutiny, both men are undeterred and seeing their stars soar during the Trump era. Both men are legitimizing themselves in the eyes of the American public–whether their mainstream competitors like it or not.

“I want to toot our horn and Mike Cernovich’s horn again. The media is calling for his weekly pass he was given. We’ve gotten those as well. We’re pending getting our regular passes which are very hard to get at the White House with Jerome Corsi,” Alex Jones said during an Infowars broadcast this week.

Cernovich is said to be close to Donald Trump Jr., who previously declared that Cernovich deserves a Pulitzer for his journalistic achievements.

With Infowars having a consistent presence in the White House and Cernovich officially joining forces with Jones, the mainstream media certainly has a lot to be worried about in the days and months to come.

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  1. The people who believe the government is poisoning us with chemtrails, that Hillary is a Satan-worshiper who runs a child sex slave ring in tunnels under a pizza parlor and that the Sandy Hook killings were staged by the government as part of a plan to take our guns…well, thank God those people are finally seeing their stars rise under Trump. It’s important for people like that to have something productive to do, especially since most of the mental institutions have been shuttered.

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