Ron Paul to Interview Julian Assange Today on His Liberty Report

Libertarian stalwart Ron Paul will broadcast an interview with Wikileaks’ Julian Assange today, following recent news of President Trump’s Department of Justice potentially pursuing criminal charges against the controversial whistleblower.

“The CIA has been deeply humiliated as a result of our ongoing publications so this is a preemptive move by the CIA to try and discredit our publications and create a new category for Wikileaks and other national security reporters to strip them of First Amendment protections,” Assange said in a teaser clip from the interview that will air today at Noon on the Ron Paul Liberty Report.

After celebrating its ten year anniversary in 2016, Wikileaks has stepped up their operations considerably. They published leaked e-mails of top Democratic Party operatives last October, possibly swinging the election in Trump’s favor. This prompted then-candidate Trump to infamously say, “I love WikiLeaks!”

However, Trump’s love affair with Wikileaks was to be very short-lived. After Trump assumed power, Wikileaks dumped their Vault 7 disclosures, which exposed the full capability of the CIA’s hacking program. This prompted CIA director Mike Pompeo to call Wikileaks “a non-state hostile intelligence service often abetted by state actors like Russia” that must be denied “the latitude to use free speech values against us.”

“Candidate Trump loved Wikileaks so much he mentioned the organization more than 140 times in the final month of the campaign alone! Now, as President, it seems Trump wants Wikileaks founder Julian Assange sent to prison,” Ron Paul wrote in his weekly column.

Assange is expected to discuss the increasing persecution from the Trump administration as well as other crucial topics with Paul during the broadcast. One thing can be sure: These two enemies of the state will certainly pull no punches when it comes to exposing the military-industrial complex. The interview will be broadcast in its entirety at 12pm on the Ron Paul Liberty Report, which can be accessed from his Youtube page.


  1. Ron Paul, the Libertarian, who always expresses his “confused views” on SAME SEX MARRIAGE, is now going to do a job of “making cool, the Conservative hearts” in the nation, before the official arrest of Mr. Assange. Let we see, what will happen after this.

    • I think most patriots agree with you! I sure wish he would take 1 final run at it in 4 years. I know he’s getting up in age, but God knows it would be GREAT for this country to have such a wise and honorable man as Congressman Paul for President.

  2. Good interview, but what’s with the wedding ring on Julian’s left hand did he marry Pamela Anderson ?

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