Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, right, confers with Rep. Thomas Massie, R-Ky., left, as members of the House Oversight Committee gather for a hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington, Friday, Oct. 24, 2014, on the government's response to the Ebola outbreak. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Thomas Massie: NRA “Duped” By Leftist “Bait And Switch” Into Supporting Gun Control!


Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) is fighting mad that the majority of Republicans are supporting gun control in the House and Senate. The Fix NICS bill, endorsed by the NRA and supported by all but 10 GOP lawmakers in the House, is a deceptive gun control measure that was paired with concealed carry reciprocity in order to bamboozle conservatives, Massie argues.

Massie claims that the NRA was even working behind the scenes to bully legislators with threats into voting for Fix NICS as it was, preventing the gun control provisions of the legislation from being separated from concealed carry reciprocity. According to Massie, Fix NICS “will send $625 million over 5 years to states to expand the national background check database.”

“We could have divorced these bills and it would have sailed through because it passed in 2011 with nothing attached to it,” he said.

Massie is still sounding the alarms about this outrage, even as the NRA’s legislative arm releases propaganda to deride the staunchly constitutional Kentucky lawmaker.

“What a lot of folks don’t realize is the [Department of Veterans Affairs] is still using Obama’s rules to take away veterans rights to keep and bear arms without a court process, and that’s wrong,” Massie said. “And this Fix NICS bill doesn’t fix the bill, it doubles down on a broken system that has had over three million false positives.”

Massie explained than less than .2 percent of people denied firearms under NICS are even prosecuted, indicating that false positives occur all the time. This is why Chuck Schumer, Dianne Feinstein, Chris Murphy and others support Fix NICS, and by attaching it to concealed carry reciprocity, the swamp has pulled a fast one on most Republican lawmakers and even the NRA.

Keith Morgan of the West Virginia Citizen’s Defense League appeared with the Congressman for a debate over the issue on NewsRadio 800 WVHU with Tom Roten last week.

“Anybody that thinks NICS is a good thing is simply divorced from reality,” Morgan said, agreeing with Massie that NICS is a nightmare.

“There is a ton of funding and administrative… whips and chains so to speak that will certainly encourage federal agencies to report to NICS, but the abuses that everybody is worrying about are legal today,” Morgan said, claiming that the benefits of 71 million people having their gun rights increased through concealed carry reciprocity outweigh the negatives of this bill.

Massie is not buying the rationale that we need to expand gun control to prevent gun control. This is the twisted logic emblematic of Washington D.C., and Massie refuses to play ball with this corrupt process.

“The swamp is duping a lot of gun owners here. They are duping a lot of people who worked really hard for the 2nd Amendment into thinking they are going to get reciprocity. It is not going to happen,” Massie said, mentioning that the bipartisan Senate sponsors of the bill have already claimed it will be dead on arrival in that chamber.

“This is bait-and-switch. I wish I were wrong. I pray I’m wrong, but my five years in the swamp has shown me the way the swamp works,” Massie said. “The fact that Feinstein and Schumer are co-sponsoring this legislation. The fact that they passed it on the day they introduced it. The fact that they wouldn’t allow me to offer amendments. The fact that they came after us when we tried to separate the two bills.

“All of these things indicate to me that the fix is in on Fix NICS, and we are going to get more gun control, and we are not going to get any more gun rights if we don’t put breaks on this.”



  2. Thank God, it seems to me the brakes are on. Combining Reciprocity with FixNICS should kill both of them. That makes it half good (or half bad if you wish). We can live without reciprocity because it already exists in more than half the states. The load placed on a simple FixNICS bill isn’t something we can deal with.

  3. Fighting this in the legislature is a waste of time and money. The only ones benefiting from this bill are the lawyers and politicians. This is a fight for the courts,where the past sins of case law can and will be reversed. The law and the SCOTUS precedent indicates we have more to do to ensure no further violations to our rights. The law is on our side…just ask any dimwitted lawyer who knows anything about Constitutional law…

  4. If the N.R.A. is bullying legislators to pass the combined bills , it can hardly be said they are being ” Duped “.

    It’s Obvious that massive expansion and Banning the largest numbers of Gun Owners is the Democrats goal , the question is why is NRA helping them ?

    Gun Owners of America calls Senate Bill , S – 2135 the worst gun control bill in 10 YEARS !!
    GOA asks everyone to call Their Senators At ( 202 ) – 224 – 3121 , and DEMAND they Kill the ” Traffic Ticket Gun Ban ”

  5. opposition to HR38 is opposition to NATIONAL CONSTITUTIONAL CARRY for 31 million Americans (those tthat reside in constitutional carry states)!

    opposition to the elimination of the 1000ft GFZA for national reciprocity participators (922(q)),

    and opposition to permission to carry on ARMY COE property, etc.

    And dont forget national reciprocity for those not in constitutional carry states!!

  6. Join GUN OWNERS OF AMERICA, not the NRA. The NRA is the swamp and keeps pushing compromises – give up this to get that.
    NICS shouldn’t have anyone non-judicially found to be a felon or something else serious banned, and have an easy and simply way to remove yourself from the list if/when it is unwarranted.
    That isn’t happening.

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