ANTIFA Unmasked: Bike Lock ‘Professor’ Allegedly Caught Violating Bail At Communist Meet-Up

A recent video released on Youtube focused upon the presence of a figure resembling former Diablo Valley Community college professor Eric Clanton at a Oakland anarchist meet-up. Clanton is currently facing assault charges stemming from a brutal attack on Free Speech demonstrators in Berkeley. He is accused of striking a Trump supporter with a bike lock. If the individual caught at the Anarchist meet-up in a public park is verified by Alameda County Judge Thomas Nixon to be Clanton himself, it’s likely that he will be found in violation of his own pretrial bail terms, and a warrant will be issued for his arrest.

The anarchist meet-up was approached by an unknown sleuth, who was presumably seeking to document and investigate the group on the basis of the “International Solidarity With Anarchist Prisoners” banner being openly demonstrated. Despite being in a public park where any law-abiding citizen is free to photograph and record video as a concerned citizen, several members of the anarchist group demanded that the investigator cease filming them by falsely claiming that he needed their consent to record video.

This is the kind of deception that ANTIFA and other radical leftist groups have become known for. They attempt to avoid public recognition to get away with their heinous crimes. Clanton allegedly covered his face with a black mask while committing the bike lock assault back in April. When the individual suspected of being Clanton in the video was recorded, another individual immediately tried to mask his identity. It is likely that Clanton’s comrade was trying to protect him from any culpability for his behavior.

If determined in the court of law to be in violation of bail conditions, Clanton would be forced into government custody for the duration of his trial process, and would completely forfeit the $100,000 bail that he posted for his release.


  1. Yes, I want his bail revoked so I can write him letters about how to be a good boy and not crack other guys skulls open. I hope he finds a nice, big, African buck to be his boyfriend in jail. Clanton might do an Aaron Hernandez job and try to “check out” on his own. This is called poetic justice.

  2. Lets see him try his cowardly actions on some real nazis when he gets sentenced to prison. He has no clue what is waiting for him….

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