Brexit Exposes The Left’s Utter Hypocrisy


I find it absolutely amazing the sheer level of intellectual dishonesty, self-righteousness, snobbery, and hypocrisy emanating from elitist leftists the world over. They have reached the highest levels of academia, media, banking, and government and are using all these institutions to push their radical and evermore regressive agenda on us.

The recent decision by the British people, who democratically decided to take back their sovereignty from un-elected bureaucrats in Brussels, has sent the left into a rambling fury. The leave campaign succeeded despite all the hate, fear mongering, and lies the leftist media and academia spread in regards to this referendum. The amount of snobby and snarky remarks I have heard in the aftermath of the Brexit decision has been sickening.

“How dare they! Such fools!” is the general leftist response.

They are blaming everyone and everything that dared to disrupt their ridiculous narrative of world affairs. Many of the people and ideas they have attacked are the very things they are supposedly staunch defenders of.

97898601_remain-campaign-LETTERS-xlarge_trans++5UkwdrNdLmi7F8HLRonNAGjb4rz-zyEJgGWHekt3KAIDemocracy, the working class, anti-globalism, and anti big business, were all once thought to be at the cornerstone of the left’s ideology. Now the only thing that matters is preserving the status quo to the benefit of the privileged and entrenched elite at everyone else’s expense. To the left, the elites’ stock portfolios and big banks’ balance sheets seem to be far more important than national sovereignty and the will of the people. They seem completely at ease with destroying the middle and working classes (especially if they are white), in order to advance their political globalism, all to the benefit of big business.

Now many well versed conservative and libertarian thinkers are the last people to defend democracy. They are well aware of age old concepts such as the tyranny of the majority and mob rule. They have read the classics (Leftists prefer Buzzfeed) and understand the failings of a purely democratic order.  It is because of this philosophical understanding of democracy that many right wing thinkers such as myself, hold up a constitutional republic as the ideal form of governance, not democracy. Despite this we also see the value of the will of the people taking precedence over a cabal of global technocrats and oligarchs, which is the best description of the EU establishment. This is why we were pleasantly surprised when the democratic will of the people chose freedom and independence over centralized rule and bureaucracy.

The left sees things differently. They hold up democracy as a cornerstone of their thinking but are the first people to throw it into the trash when it gets in their way. It is no surprise that all historical radical left wing revolutions have led to dictatorial rule. Their response to the Brexit situation is typical of their ilk. They attack democracy, and more importantly, they attack the people exercising their democratic will.  Those people? The white working class of the UK.

Soon as the results came in they were quick to blame their loss on those pesky ignorant, racist, xenophobic, blue collar, working class whites.

You see when the left needs votes to win an election all of a sudden these elitist, highly educated, upper middle class academics talk about their solidarity with the struggling working class. They uphold unions and socialism as their salvation and decry capitalism. Soon as that working class shows any inclination to go against their radical regressive, SJW, moral relativist agenda, they crucify them at the stake.

That is when the subtle condescending attacks against “their education” or their “racial motivations” begin to make the waves on the mainstream media political panels.

The working classes around the world have been devastated by the march towards political globalism. This is the “bad” kind of globalism that involves the centralization of government into the hands of fewer and ever more distant tyrants. The complete antithesis of our nation’s enlightened founding principles of decentralization by bringing the governing forces as close to the individual as possible.

The left have always claimed to be against globalism, when it suited them. Really they only ever hated “good” globalism. The type of globalism that expands the frontiers of trade and commerce, and that has risen millions out of poverty worldwide. They attack it superficially because it’s cool to hate on corporate brands and marketing. They virtue signal to their leftist cocktail party friends on how they buy their clothes “sweatshop free” without realizing they are contributing to the destruction of jobs and economic development in the third world as a result.

So you see the modern regressive left is completely devoid of principles, morals, and intellectual credibility. Their attempts to demean, and slander anyone who supported the leave campaign shows their utter hypocrisy. I will now look on with the utmost pleasure as a domino effect stretches across Europe as new referendums begin to chip away at the house of cards that is the established order.


  1. There’s a difference between middle-class pseudo-leftists of whom you speak and proper working class socialists like me who voted overwhelmingly to leave the EU. Trouble is, we have proper jobs, not journalism.

    • If you had proper jobs then you wouldn’t be socialists begging the government for handouts.

      • Please don’t attack people for ascribing to socialism. I’m not a big proponent of it, but people need to stop judging and dissing each other with the same rhetoric that doesn’t get us anywhere. People need to unite against the elite to keep them accountable (this very article explains). I was just hoping to start a blog with a friend supporting Gary Johnson. If you are going to campaign for him, please be civil and diplomatically represent the Libertarian movement (which people are ignorant and suspicious of already). Thank you!

  2. Any kind of classist bullshit that attacks free market capitalism and businesses has fuck all to do with conservatism. Nigel Farage is just a populist, racist prick, the Donald Trump of his shitty little island.

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