The Liberty Conservative Endorses Josh Hawley in Missouri Senate Race


The Liberty Conservative is proud to announce that it is endorsing Josh Hawley, the current Attorney General of Missouri, for U.S. Senate.

Incumbent Senator Claire McCaskill has shown herself to bee a strident opponent of liberty at every turn. During her time in office, she has consistently backed indefinite detention of American citizens, wasteful federal stimulus bills, bailouts, and tax hikes. It is very clear that she does not represent the interests of the people of Missouri, but rather, the entrenched Washington elite that bankrolls her campaigns. It is thereby imperative that she is replaced in 2018 with someone who will stand strongly for the principles of limited government and individual freedom that have defined our nation.

Our decision to back Hawley was not made lightly, but came after discussions with the Hawley campaign, a thorough evaluation of the field, the consolidation of fiscal conservatives behind Hawley, and the decision of other candidates not to run. Ultimately, we chose Hawley because his record as Attorney General has shown that he is a committed constitutional conservative,  and as an individual, he demonstrates the personal integrity we would expect from a U.S. Senator.

Josh Hawley has the talent, vision, and broad appeal required to beat Claire McCaskill, and we are therefore honored to support his campaign in order to advance the cause of liberty in the United States Senate.


  1. Incumbent Senator Claire McCaskill has shown herself to bee Oh spell check, where is thy sting?

  2. I don’t think I can support a page that claims to support Liberty, but turns right around and supports a candidate who doesn’t deserve the seat and will be a hamper to our Liberty.

  3. He promised when he ran for AG here in Missouri that he would not use that to seek higher and as soon as he gets elected he seeks higher office!
    Why would you trust anyone that can even keep his campaign promise for even a year!!!

  4. “The Liberty Conservative” neither represents the Liberty Movement nor actual conservatism.

    You just endorsed Mitch McConnels pick. You might as well rename yourselves “the Swampland Progressive”.

    I don’t know how the guys working here think people take you seriously.

  5. You guys don’t represent Liberty or Conservatives. You just endorsed McConnels pick.

    Just rebrand yourselves “The Swampland Progressive” and get over yourselves.

    Your entire viewpoint is based on a vendetta rather than principle.

    As Trump would say, “Sad!”

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