DACA Recipient Leads Expulsion Campaign Against White Student, University Sides With Illegal Immigrant

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Paola Garcia, a recipient of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, is organizing a campaign to get a white student expelled from her college after he posted about her status over social media. After the university president sided with the illegal immigrant in an e-mail, the student fears that his days may be numbered.

Taylor Ragg, a senior at the Kentucky-based Transylvania University, made social media posts alerting conservatives about the illegal immigrant ‘dreamer’ who publicly flaunts her law-breaking status. Garcia had previously posted that she was “undocumented, unapologetic and unafraid” to her many followers on Facebook. Ragg had only alerted others to her vain boast.

After being bombarded with messages from concerned citizens, Garcia’s facade of being unafraid broke down rather quickly. She posted a video of herself weeping and begging for sympathy as she urged a viral campaign against Ragg to have him removed from the school for alleged discrimination.

Adding to Ragg’s woes, Transylvania University president Seamus Carey is apparently taking the side of the illegal immigrant and issued an e-mail to the public inferring that he is a white supremacist.

“I invited both of the students to meet with me this morning to discuss the uses and impact of social media and ways we might move forward,” Carey said. “The student who posted to the white supremacist website has been in contact with our office but has yet to accept the invitation.”

Ragg denies ever posting to any white supremacist website, feels that libel is being committed against him by his university, and is seeking legal counsel moving forward. Considering the undeniable nationwide trend of Orwellian censorship being perpetrated on campuses by leftist authority figures, Ragg is proceeding very cautiously.

“Most higher learning institutions of today are no longer the great bastions of knowledge and ideas that they were supposed to be. It is an atmosphere of liberal censorship pretty much everywhere,” Ragg said to The Liberty Conservative. “That’s why it is no shock to me that Carey is blatantly violating my fundamental rights and libeling me. If he isn’t concerned about immigration laws, why would he care about my first amendment rights? I would never trust this man at his word.”

It remains to be seen whether this university administrator is just clueless or is willfully aiding and abetting the liberal conspiracy to enact thought control after Donald Trump’s presidential victory. His actions regarding this important case will ultimately decide whether he becomes a national pariah in the days to come.

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