DACA Recipient Leads Expulsion Campaign Against White Student, University Sides With Illegal Immigrant

Paola Garcia, a recipient of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, is organizing a campaign to get a white student expelled from her college after he posted about her status over social media. After the university president sided with the illegal immigrant in an e-mail, the student fears that his days may be numbered.

Taylor Ragg, a senior at the Kentucky-based Transylvania University, made social media posts alerting conservatives about the illegal immigrant ‘dreamer’ who publicly flaunts her law-breaking status. Garcia had previously posted that she was “undocumented, unapologetic and unafraid” to her many followers on Facebook. Ragg had only alerted others to her vain boast.

After being bombarded with messages from concerned citizens, Garcia’s facade of being unafraid broke down rather quickly. She posted a video of herself weeping and begging for sympathy as she urged a viral campaign against Ragg to have him removed from the school for alleged discrimination.

Adding to Ragg’s woes, Transylvania University president Seamus Carey is apparently taking the side of the illegal immigrant and issued an e-mail to the public inferring that he is a white supremacist.

“I invited both of the students to meet with me this morning to discuss the uses and impact of social media and ways we might move forward,” Carey said. “The student who posted to the white supremacist website has been in contact with our office but has yet to accept the invitation.”

Ragg denies ever posting to any white supremacist website, feels that libel is being committed against him by his university, and is seeking legal counsel moving forward. Considering the undeniable nationwide trend of Orwellian censorship being perpetrated on campuses by leftist authority figures, Ragg is proceeding very cautiously.

“Most higher learning institutions of today are no longer the great bastions of knowledge and ideas that they were supposed to be. It is an atmosphere of liberal censorship pretty much everywhere,” Ragg said to The Liberty Conservative. “That’s why it is no shock to me that Carey is blatantly violating my fundamental rights and libeling me. If he isn’t concerned about immigration laws, why would he care about my first amendment rights? I would never trust this man at his word.”

It remains to be seen whether this university administrator is just clueless or is willfully aiding and abetting the liberal conspiracy to enact thought control after Donald Trump’s presidential victory. His actions regarding this important case will ultimately decide whether he becomes a national pariah in the days to come.


    • He posted to a “10th Crusader Enthusiast” page on facebook, and possibly other places. 10th Crusaders are white nationalists. It might also be worth noting that Ragg, on his facebook site, has photographs of himself holding white supremacist symbols. I think if anyone is guilty of “libel” (I don’t think that word means what you think it means), it’s Ragg himself: Paola is not an “illegal immigrant”– DACA granted her a temporary LEGAL status in the united states. It has an expiration date, but she is not “illegal” and has not committed any criminal acts.

      • DACA program defers deportation of some younger illegal aliens for two years, and can be renewed. Recipients receive a work permit, a social security number, and in many states can get a driver’s license. They are still here without permission, just given temporary reprieve of deportation if they keep their noses clean.

      • If she wasn’t breaking the law, she wouldn’t have been crying on YouTube begging for mercy and sympathy.

        Taylor will go down as a hero for free speech when this is all said and done.

  1. I was similarly targeted by students at Transylvania for writing a letter to the editor of the school newspaper denouncing a Buzzfeed article proclaiming that the author (an African-American woman) had been the victim of racism back in 2000 (although she wrote this article in 2015…), and had felt triggered by the fact the administration building looks like a plantation house. I only retracted the letter out of threats to ruin my future prospects in employment and the like. I only wish I had the steadfastness and confidence of Taylor.

    TLDR: This isn’t the first time this has happened at Transy.

    • Well, at least you didn’t attack people with a machete like the other letter writer opposed to the Buzzfeed article did. Maybe Mitchell Adkins is a friend of yours, though. Funny you feel threatened when people make public the intimidation they experience as nonwhite students and attack them instead of seriously addressing the issues they raise.

      Regardless, not surprised this isn’t the first time something like this happens at Transy. Sounds like it’s full of white nationalist/racist assholes who enjoy intimidating people of color.

  2. what a joke…and im not talking about the girl. The ONLY reason one would do what he did would be to either bully her, or pick on her because of her nationality. Only in Trumps world is that “America”. smh No, here we embrace diversity. Further, since the right wants to use Christianity so often, they should try and remember Exodus 22:21 “do not mistreat or oppress the foreigner…”.

    • its good you choose to support diversity. But do it however, not at sacrificing the law. The whole premise of DACA was promulgated Illegally by Obama. Therefore DACA LAW, is not really a LAW. It is illegal.

      • She was brought here at the age of 2. She doesn’t deserve to be punished for her parents’ actions. You’re a monster.

        • Since when is it punishment to be returned to your homeland? Remember Janet Reno a democrat who returned Ellian Gonzales to his father in Cuba by force? These people should rejoice that they get their fare home for free! After all, they have family waiting for them there UNLESS there ILLEGAL parents are still here and are waiting for that chain migration to happen sooner rather than later, right?

          • It is a punishment because she has never lived there before and we would essentially be sending her to a foreign country where she doesn’t know the customs and way of life, and has basically lived here her entire life and doesn’t know anything else. If you do not think that is cruel then there is seriously something wrong with you. There can be an argument made for those who came here in their late teens to be sent back, and obviously those who have criminal records, but to send someone like this girl, who has been here her entire life, and is enrolled in college and presumably going to contribute positively to our society is just cruel. Thankfully most people in this country are not as heartless as you are and do not agree with kicking someone like this girl after she’s been here her entire life apart from her first 2 years, and because her parents brought her in illegally. “These people should rejoice that they get their fare home from free”…to not look at these on a case by case basis and make that determination is disgusting and could only be claimed by a disgusting individual. I doubt your “book” is even going to be published and your petty lawsuit clearly represents what kind of petty bitter individual you actually are. I’m sure you are a pathetic ugly woman who doesn’t have any friends and are just bitter at the world because you are a failure at life. Pathetic

          • The U.S. is her homeland, it’s all she knows. Sending her back to mexico is like sending you back to some random white country in Europe. You don’t think it’s immoral if I grab your ass and ship you back to Europe?

          • Elian Gonzales has nothing to do with this. Elian was here legally (Cuban nationals who reached US soil were given automatic political asylum status) but he was being kept from his father by distant relatives. The case wasn’t about immigration but custody.

        • Obama breaking the law can only be fixed by congress. If they refuse then Trump has no choice but to eliminate DACA.

      • Yes it is legal. Just because a Democratic President made DACA one of his immigration policies, which presidents can do, doesn’t mean it’s illegal, duh. The same way DJT rescinded it and gave it six months for Congress to work out.

      • “The whole premise of DACA was promulgated Illegally by Obama. Therefore DACA LAW, is not really a LAW. It is illegal.”

        It took mere *days* for the various illegal Executive Orders of Trump to be ruled so by the courts.

        Meanwhile, it’s been almost three years since Obama expanded DACA, and yet it hasn’t been ruled illegal by the courts.

        I know it’s a lot to ask, given your conservative bent, but could you please learn how the laws of your own fucking country work? Thanks.

        (I’m not an American. I’m not even in the USA. Yet by some mystery I have a better grasp of the laws of your country than you do, you fucking disgrace of a “human”)

      • its good you choose to support the law. But do it however, not at sacrificing what this country stands for. The only reason this is even still an issue is because the GOP refuses to do any work on immigration, because come election time its their go to issue to rile up their base.

    • David, APPARENTLY you only read the headlines and skip over the important parts. “Taylor Ragg, a senior at the Kentucky-based Transylvania University,
      made social media posts alerting conservatives about the illegal
      immigrant ‘dreamer’ who publicly flaunts her law-breaking status. GARCIA had previously posted that she was “undocumented, unapologetic and
      unafraid” to her many followers on Facebook. Ragg had only alerted
      others to her vain boast.” Did you read that or just skip over that part? You probably know that DACA was illegal by obama, right? In “Trumps world,” we American citizens like to obey ALL laws, and not just the one’s we like. Have you ever researched the Constitutional laws violated by obama? What part of the Constitution do you think we should throw out like obama does (did)??? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0bC5FA7hiUw

      • Typical response from a fat inbred ReTHUGGliKKKan….old and busted bitter asswipes like your conman president .

      • This article may *say* that he “only alerted others to her boast,” but that is not accurate. He wrote, “Everyone go report this illegal at my school.” Since she wasn’t even”illegal,” there wasn’t anything to report, but his post sure caused her to receive huge numbers of hateful, threatening posts. What a complete jerk. And before you try to lecture others on the law, maybe you should consult with someone who actually understands the law, such as an attorney.

      • As of this very moment DACA is lawful and constitutional.
        The DACA program has yet to be heard before the Supreme Court. They and only they can make the determination whether a law or a practice is unconstitutional.

        What Obama said is that he did not have the power to unilaterally change immigration law. Enforcement of laws has always been and will always be at the discretion of the prosecutor

      • Dude, you’re only getting half the story. Ragg started a harassment campaign of his own. She only started her campaign to get him expelled in retaliation.

        I don’t know what University you went to but none of them allow students to harass other students. He started it so he’s the one in trouble.

      • lmao you want to talk about constitutional laws, as a trump supporter?! now thats funny. thanks

    • Yes, the Founders didn’t intend America to be a white country ‘for their Posterity’. You genius.

  3. Wow, what a piece of crap website this is. All you cowardly MAGA jackasses please keep yelling loudly so we know who you are and can step on your head like the cockroaches you are.

      • Someone seems to have ignored the fact that, over time, parties evolve and change. In this case, the Republicans used to be the Democrats, and the Democrats used to be the Republicans. Claiming TODAY’S Republican party as the party of Lincoln is total BS. If the civil war were happening today, who would be complaining about states rights? That’s a conservative thing. If this were the 1960’s, who would be enacting Jim Crowe? That’s also a conservative thing. Who does the KKK support today? Right, conservatives – and specifically, the alt-right. I mean really, check your facts before you post ignorant crap.

        • You do realize that your statement is complete propaganda that the democRATs have been spreading since the late 1960’s right?

          ALL the confederate statues that you want destroyed are of democRATS.

          Just an fyi the “antifa – fascist are ALSO democRATs.

  4. Ragg is invisible on social media now, crawling back into the cracks like any ordinary cockroach. And what’s especially awesome is that little scroll of contributors off to the left is soiling themselves in support of his intolerance. You dumb little millennial motherfuckers have fun on the job hunt later on; Breitbart can only afford so many hacks.

    • He deleted it after anti-American leftist terrorists were leaving him and his family death threats. We will be publishing an update in the near future.

      • Did you check their cards to make sure? Maybe they were just regular Americans who are fed up with fake patriots acting like xenophobic assholes. It’s not your America, jackasses. You’re sharing it with people who don’t like or agree with your myopic, trollish worldview. And your noisy death throes are becoming tiresome. The South and all the ideology that went along with it lost; fucking deal with it and get a more productive hobby that doesn’t involve projecting your hate for yourselves onto other people.

          • You haven’t made any arguments of your own, and call others trash for simply not being right wing enough for you? You’re a pathetic individual and even those of us on the right don’t agree that bullying and intimidation aren’t the right ways to enforce immigration policies or to attain immigration reform. This idiot Taylor doesn’t realize that he has essentially ruined his life and chances of working at any reputable organization as his name will forever be connected to this case. If you seriously believe he will be a “hero” for free speech anywhere except for the alt right, which is a tiny minority compared to actual conservatives then you are seriously deluded. You are a typical right wing SJW…”anti-American leftist terrorist”sounds an awful lot like when SJW’s call trump supporters “racist, homophobic right wing nazis.” Two sides of the same coin, and the fact is you don’t even realize it. You’re really a pathetic loser just like those regressive SJW losers.

  5. Secondly, if he was calling her out over private media or in a school article this wouldn’t even be that big a deal-the issue is that he incited violence or possible violence by calling on forces OUTSIDE the University to attack and harass her. Don’t try to hide behind Lady Liberty’s skirts citing free speech as a defense, this is as bad as running into a crowded theater and yelling ‘fire’ or ‘terrorist’ in an act to rile a crowd to your agenda.

  6. God Here…Taylor will be done by next week. Just wait until he finds out his real dad isn’t his.

  7. I can’t wait for that bigot to get what he deserves. You white supremacists are pathetic. You act tough until there are consequences for being a racist piece of shit. Then you pussies cry like a bunch of little bitches.

  8. This article shows the Liberty Conservative is pro bullying and holds gross anti-Christian values. Bullying a young college student via social media is not a conservative value. This is more inline with alt-right values who champions white racism agenda.

  9. He’s on video chumming it up with Richard Spencer? Libel??? She received racist comments after he made his post so where did those come from? Out of the blue?

  10. As far as I am concerned, Taylor Raggs can say anything he likes and his speech should be protected from government censorship by the First Amendment. But your line about “Adding to Ragg’s woes” is pure Orwellian double speak.Obviously, some Nazis cut their hands during the crystal night riots and adding to their woes were unable to get a decent bagle the next morning. Some child molesters don’t get invited to many birthday parties. Such woes don’t garner much sympathy from thinking people. He’s probably not a Nazis and I have no idea whether or not he molests children, he hasn’t said, but if that girl was my daughter adding to young master Ragg’s woes would be consequences far more sever than dealing with a school burecrat.

  11. Cut the crap. You can dress this up with whatever spin you’d like; Ragg instigated this, and has only himself to blame for his expulsion. He talks about Orwellian censorship by justifying his attempt to get a student deported for something she said – has irony fallen out of fashion in Kentucky?

    • I see right wing butt hurt snowflakes…walking around like regular people. They don’t see each other. They only see what they want to see. They don’t know they’re right wing butt hurt snowflakes. They’re everywhere.

  12. Taylor Ragg – you are worse than the scum who is in the wh. This will now follow you throughout your life, you little NAZI have fucked up your life more than that girl you told on. She’ll be victorious among many of us who see you as the true piece of shit that you are. You Ragbag have done nothing great you have soiled yourself and that family that call you their son, you are an embarrassment. Did you think you’ll get a letter or a that’s a boy from that shithole that’s presently in the wh? You are now perhaps hated more than that asshole. Congrats you idiot, you have fucked yourself you smartass. Just wait for all the Karma that’s going to come your way, it will definitely wipe that stupid assed smirk from you white trash face. There won’t be enough “I’m sorry” you can say you scumbag NAZI.

        • Well, I was wondering what the snowflakes were up to and then I came upon this. And quit trying to be a fake conservative like McCain. It’s not working lol

        • I knew it. You’re a fake conservative, or in other words, a liberal, just like McCain. Trump did nothing wrong in that situation. He is completely right. You signed up for the military, that’s what can happen. The mother and wife need to accept that.

          • Exactly. They need to accept the fact that by joining the military, the chances of death are high. I don’t know why they’re so surprised. It’s the MILITARY and if he was stationed in a country as turbulent as Niger, it’s almost inevitable

          • You are a pig who never served a single day. I have served and I have many fallen friends and I know the pain. for you this is theory at best,

            Total pig.

          • It’s the military for god’s sake! You sorta expect it when you sign up for it as do your relatives. Accepting the death of those who are close to you is hard, agreed, but when they have a dangerous career(military,police, etc.) it’s kinda expected.

  13. I am suing Eastern Kentucky University professor Carole Garrison and Dean Vicotr Kappeler for removing mt posts to a discussion board question without using the proper procedures as spelled out in the university policies and procedures. They did not like my defense of the cops in the Ferguson & Maryland shootings. The 3rd District Federal Court has allowed the suit to go forward as it is clear my rights to free speech, due process, and equal protection were violated. How these people covered up the violation is the subject of a book I’m writing about it….if you want to read the court papers look up: 5:16-CV-121-JMH Mcbrearty v. Victor Kappeler, Carole Garrison. You MUST learn how to fight without involving a lawyer. It can be done.

    • Why do conservatives not attend college as much? Because we don’t like libtard professors like the ones at Transylvania

  14. Ragg is a vile human being, as is the writer of this article. Thanks for exposing who you truly are.

  15. This is a classic example of what these illegal aliens are in the USA. They are super citizens immune from arrest, protected by bigots against Americans and violent, abusive and terroristic. Of course why not? The cannot be punished for their crimes against Americans unless ICE shows up. This is why DACA must go. So must go all of the programs that make such parties immune from our laws.

  16. Illegal is illegal.Immegration Laws exist to protect American citizens which means American Citizens have the responsibility to insure these laws are enforced. The school in defending the illegal alien was wrong on all levels.

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