The left paves the way for the destruction of western civilization


The massacre in Nice, France of 84 innocent souls, including many young children has left most of the world speechless and horrified…. for all of a few hours.

Despite the reports of little girls splattered to pieces before their helpless families, the sad truth is we have become desensitized to this barbarity. We check our phones, see the headlines, feel a bit of disgust, and then we forget. This is no accident. The effort to trivialize and redefine these heinous crimes is a concerted effort by a radical and frankly deranged group of thinkers who have an underlining hatred of one of the greatest wonders of humanity. Western Civilization.  

To step back for a moment, in case your public school forgot to tell you, western civilization is the greatest achievement of mankind. It is a wide-ranging set of ideas developed over centuries, that has taken humanity out of the dark ages of tyranny, oppression, violence, and hatred and into a world in which freedom, peace, and happiness are the virtues we aspire to as a society. Western civilization with its foundations in capitalism and classical liberalism, has ushered in the greatest advancements in technological and economic progress that have risen untold millions out of poverty, disease, and want worldwide.

If you happen to utter these truths at any university in the west today you will be lucky if they simply label you an ignorant racist. The fact of the matter is no group hates western civilization more than the modern regressive left.

The modern left wing thinkers share surprisingly little with their ideological forebears. While the leftists of old were certainly wrong on almost everything, at least at the end of the day they had some sort of Utopia as their end goal in mind. Whether that naive ideal of a proletariat utopia of collective communes has any merit is not the subject of this article, it should be saved for an introductory economics course at your local community college.

I’m frankly far more afraid of the modern regressive left than any bearded Bolshevik of old. The leftists of today share far more in common with a death cult than any peasant revolutionaries. The modern left has thrown out any and all ideals. All they care for is chaos, division, and the destruction of all our society’s institutions. From marriage, to the rule of law, to private property. Everything is to be crucified. The scary thing is they won’t replace them with a commissar or a people’s tribune. They will replace it with an endless cycle violence and disorder. Those are not their means to an end, those are their ends.

Once the modern left took on and wholly embraced the “hip” ideas of moral relativism and nihilism they effectively abandoned whatever morality, rationality, and love of humanity they had left. They became nothing more than a group of masochistic and self-loathing sadists.

This is how they can simultaneously heap praise onto backward Islamic societies that stone women to death, behead gays, and force everyone into a life of fear and intimidation, while demeaning the very societies that have liberated women from the shackles of oppression, gave gays freedom to live in peace, and created an environment of openness and tolerance. The belief that all cultures are equal, and that morality is subjective, is a disgusting philosophy of cretins.

A recent posting by the popular Facebook page, “Humans of New York” showcases this sick line of thought perfectly:


“We’re the worst terrorists in the world and it was a long time coming. This entire country was built on the slaughter of innocents. And we got what we deserved. Just look at the history of US involvement in the Middle East. All those countries are artificial. We created those countries like plastic after the fall of the Ottoman Empire. And the only way to rule a plastic country is with a dictator. Assad, Hussein, the Shah—we propped them all up. Decades of torture, murder, and oppression. We sponsored it. So I say it whenever I can. I’ve had people threaten to kill me. I’ve had people threaten to rape my children. But I’ll keep saying it. You can call me a monster. I think the people in those towers died as representatives for the rest of us for our crimes against humanity. Not only do I think that 9/11 was deserved. I think it was one of the greatest events in human history.”

This post went viral a mere 48 hours before 84 innocents were butchered in Nice. Over 120,000 people expressed support for this pseudo intellectual twat. How can any one defend a line of thought that justifies and defends the murder of thousands of innocents because of the supposed actions of their government? (What is ironic is the example he used  not only happened before any of the innocents were even born but the United States had little to nothing to do with the division of the Ottoman Empire. Facts and history can be a pesky thing.)

The comments are even more disgusting. People doing mental gymnastics and arguing semantics to defend his deranged worldview. They are most likely the same people who, after every horrific act of Islamic terrorism, are the first people to ignore the crimes and attempt to shift the victimhood from the recently butchered to Islam as a whole. Morality doesn’t matter, only preserving the narrative. Expect them to be doing the same with the deceased in Nice just as they did with the deceased in Orlando.

The sad thing about all of this is that they are succeeding.

The media and our government perpetuate these lies. Everyday the media is ingraining in everyone’s mind that the west is inherently evil, always at fault, and deserving of any attack, while Islam promotes nothing but peace and tolerance. When they can’t convince you of our collective guilt they instead try to obscure the facts. The French authorities hid from the public the details of the heinous torture at the Bataclan, and the CNN headline of the attacks in Nice was trivialized to nothing more than a truck happening to ram into pedestrians, with no context added. What they can’t achieve through propaganda and lies they will achieve through political correctness. Shaming and silencing anyone that dares to question, who dares to disagree.

When the French Prime Minister Manuel Valls is lecturing the French people that they need to learn to “live with terrorism” you know the west is heading for oblivion. We are bending over backwards to appease these murdering mongrels. We have degraded into nothing more than a society of cucks, incapable of defending ourselves or our values. We aren’t horrified, we aren’t angry, we aren’t fighting, we have succumbed. If the trend continues, the fate of western civilization is sealed. More death, more destruction, and more chaos as “the religion of peace” slowly subsumes us whole.

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