Media lies, Trump increases Medicaid spending

Today, Donald Trump released his 2018 Taxpayer First Budget. Like clockwork, the liberal media immediately proclaimed that Donald Trump broke his campaign promises not to cut Medicaid. One would expect liberal blogs like Mother Jones to deliberately lie about President Trump’s budget. However, even Forbes lied with an article today titled “Trump Budget Cuts Social Security And Medicaid, Breaking Major Promises”.


Nothing can be further from the truth. A very quick look at the Trump’s Taxpayer First Budget shows that in 2016, Obama budgeted $368 Billion. This number rises to $378 Billion in 2017 and $404 Billion in 2018. In fact, not once in the next 10 years does Trump actually propose to spend less on Medicare spending than the year before. Trump actually increases spending in Medicare. In addition to not cutting Medicaid, Trump’s Taxpayer First Budget also spends more in Social Security.

The media knows that hard working Americans do not have the time to read the 2018 budget, let alone the summary pages. The media is relying upon Americans trusting them to report on the news. The media hates Donald Trump and they want to distort whatever Trump is doing. The media is planning on you believing their talking points rather than actually discussing Trump’s plan for moving America in a better direction.

At today’s press conference at the White House, OMB Director Mick Mulvaney commented on the fact that only in Washington DC is an increase in spending considered a cut. Mulvaney said that most people understand that government spending more money this year than it spent last year is an increase – not a decrease. However, even with this explanation, the media who is determined to show its liberal bias is running with the story that Trump is breaking campaign promises and slashing the budget to Medicare.


  1. You keep interchaging MedicaID and MedicaRE.
    I’m confused on what you mean – which, if either is being increased or shrunk?

  2. Medicare and Medicaid are not the same thing. Get educated before talking about things you don’t know about.

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