Relax, Hippies: Jeff Sessions as Attorney General Isn’t the End of the World


The hypocritical liberals are sounding the alarms about Jeff Sessions being President Trump’s pick for Attorney General. Suddenly and conveniently, they care about civil liberties and the rule of law again now that they have lost political power. Nevertheless, they are blowing smoke and relying on ignorance to push their tired agenda.

The George Soros-funded Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) is especially ham-fisted in their nauseating “analysis” of the appointment. Purportedly a nonpartisan group, their true colors were shown after they released a ridiculous screed filled with so much nonsense that looks as if it was drafted by John Podesta himself:

The last time Sessions faced a confirmation vote, in 1986, his nomination was voted down by the Republican-controlled Senate Judiciary Committee after they were confronted by Sessions’ extensive history of racist comments and actions. A black colleague testified that Sessions referred to him as “boy.” Sessions referred to the NAACP and other civil rights organizations as un-American groups that “forced civil rights down the throats of people.” He was accused of using his authority as a U.S. attorney to disrupt and prosecute civil rights activists who were registering African-Americans to vote. He even reportedly said he thought the KKK was “OK” until he found out its members smoked pot.

Rather than sticking to the issues, the partisan frauds at the DPA instead wanted to hurl baseless accusations and unfounded accusations of racism. Nevertheless, Sen. Sessions has had a history of poor policy decisions related to the war on drugs, but it is irrelevant. The power of the federal government is severely limited by the actions of the people. In the case of subverting marijuana prohibition, the people have the power.


Widespread non-compliance has already worked in pushing back against federal marijuana prohibition. All of those hippies, while ridiculous at times, have fought for freedom and laid a blueprint for resistance with their weed smoking. Because so many hippies deployed civil disobedience and got high, federal power has waned considerably. Decentralization is becoming more palatable on drug policy, and is spreading to other issues as well.

The marijuana grower who took the initiative to grow and sell their crop against federal law was a pioneer, very close to what the Founding Fathers were. The Founding Fathers would have hated today’s “law and order conservative” who bows before the federal government as if they were royalty. The Founding Fathers would have empathized with the rebels bucking the system, growing their crops, seizing their own destiny, and bucking federal law.

Because of these pioneers, marijuana is a nationwide cash crop. Americans are slowly but surely releasing that the “Devil Weed” isn’t so bad after all. It turns out that mother nature got it right, and government bureaucrats got it wrong. Even squares are getting into the mix as a lasting, sustainable prosperity sweeps the nation. With costs to buy cannabis seeds and grow marijuana so affordable, no aspiring individual is priced out of the market. This is the wild west all over again!


Don’t listen to those frauds at the DPA. They just want you to be corralled into partisan bickering. Don’t give them a dime of your money. Instead, get to subverting the federal law yourself. Push for local and state-level reforms that circumvent the federal drug laws; or, if you want to get in on the action yourself, you can become the next marijuana millionaire as a grower or distributor.

There are plenty of options for the marijuana-savvy individual in this day and age, and that will not be changing. Besides, no proof has ever been shown that Trump has any problem with marijuana – or any other alleged vice for that matter. The guy owns a bunch of casinos, for crying out loud! He is also savvy, and rarely picks an issue that is a big loser. Marijuana prohibition is a big loser. Sessions will be following orders from Trump, not vice versa.

So relax, hippies. Saddle up with a spliff. Everything is going to be just fine. Tune out those naysayers, and keep up the positive vibes. The marijuana revolution is not going to be stopped any time soon!

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  1. Interesting article that misses the point even as it is forced to reference it in the opening paragraphs: as a hippie, I’m not worried about Sessions because he’s against marijuana; I’m worried about Sessions because he was so publicly racist that he carried through a legal process to try to stop blacks from voting in the 60s (not baseless; a matter of public record). I think everyone was racist during that time period, but not everyone was actively racist. If he’s like my father, that sort of vehemence doesn’t go away. It just seems like Trump is shooting himself in the foot, but we’ll see. Public racism seems like it’s coming back, so maybe not.

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