White House Nationalists Strike Back Against Suspected Globalist Plant H.R. McMaster

Reports of President Trump’s disillusionment with White House national security advisor H.R McMaster have led nationalists and populists within the administration to push to reclaim lost influence over foreign affairs, unnamed White House sources claimed this week.

President Trump’s frustrations with his national security advisor–the replacement of the iconoclastic Michael Flynn–were said to have reached a boiling point yesterday morning, with the President screaming at McMaster over his attempts to override President Trump and conduct diplomacy as if he were the Commander-in-Chief. McMaster supposedly guaranteed South Korea that the United States would pay for a complicated missile defense system for the Pacific nation. Trump himself had raised that prospect into question at an earlier date, as he appeared skeptical over the idea of giving billions of dollars to one of the world’s most highly developed and richest countries.

McMaster earlier sought to neutralize the influence of White House chief strategist Stephen Bannon by arranging his removal from the National Security Council. This accomplished a well-known objective of neoconservatives and other anti-Russia hysterics. Bannon, while not a dove by any means, isn’t belligerent enough toward Putin for the neocons to trust him.

This alleged behavior is not any different from the traditional patterns of action seen from the permanent Washington D.C “deep state,” seeking to actively prevent the administration from undertaking anti-establishment policies in an attempt to preserve its own undue power and influence. The deep state remains in power regardless of democratic elections, and it is largely the reason why nothing ever seems to change in Washington D.C.

It remains to be seen if nationalists and populists in the style of Bannon will be successful in blocking McMaster from guiding the administration into adopting failed interventionist policies. They may be gaining momentum, considering that credible reports have emerged attesting that President Trump has come to distrust McMaster and may even regret appointing him to the vital NSA role.


  1. Trumpublicans are living in a melanin-free fantasy world… their lying egomaniac cares less about their lives than he does the people his ‘scam university’ conned. Trump’s only concern is his image. He is the most pathetic narcissus that American politics has ever seen.

    And insult to injury, the latest Qpac poll reports that “IDIOT” is one of the more popular descriptions for Trump among the 60 percent of Americans who disapprove of the liar.

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