Why Wouldn’t Trump Want Hillary Clinton To Run Again?

Since the early days of his long shot candidacy for President, Donald Trump has trolled the political elite and mainstream media masterfully. He’s shown an ability to push all the right buttons, a talent that didn’t fade after securing the Republican presidential nomination and hasn’t disappeared since becoming President of the United States.

The latest stunt has once again involved Twitter, and this time feeds rumors that his former opponent Hillary Clinton would challenge him again in 2020. Despite Clinton herself has said she will not again seek office, this hasn’t stopped speculation from continuing.

Should Clinton run for office again? Should that office be President again?

Despite the election being quite close and President Trump arguably losing significant ground since taking office, Clinton has remained a blessing for Republicans. She represents a great deal of things grassroots liberals and progressives despise. She’s a rich career politician who appears disconnected and has trouble associating with regular people. She feels entitled to the positions she seeks and has an arrogant demeanor.

While many blamed Senator Bernie Sanders for dividing the Democratic Party, that notion has been contradicted in the year since the election.

Defeating President Trump should be enough of a cause to unite the entire liberal base, who views the President with great concern. Despite this, the inside battling continues. Progressives still largely feel ignored by a political establishment that favors the top over the grassroots. There is still a great deal of distrust that won’t be overcome anytime soon.

As various party leaders attempt to iron out differences and bring people together, Clinton still insists on pushing the 2016 presidential election issue. Instead of working to unite the forces against the Republican Party, she’s talking about herself and how her big failure against Trump was not her fault. She’s desperately trying to clear her name when her reputation has no bearing on the future.

But fighting these battles and playing the blame game has burned other Democrats. It’s sowing seeds of dissension and giving new life to the feuds Democratic leaders want to put to bed.

In other news, the Democratic Party is still very much divided, and it is not coming together anytime soon. This is wonderful news for Republicans. While a lot has been made of the Republican Party’s own problems, there are a great deal of issues affecting the left as well.

And at the heart of all the left-wing divisiveness is a failed presidential candidate who won’t just give up and step aside for a new generation of leaders.

It is understandable President Trump would favor his old foe coming back for another round. While there are questions of respect and decorum in how he approached the issue, the benefit to him and his party with another Hillary Clinton candidacy are undeniable. If Clinton wants to keep doing favors for Republicans, she needs to keep doing what she is doing to her own political party. She is continuing to sink the Democratic Party and hold back progress, just as she did last year when she failed at her one job.

Chris Dixon is a liberty activist and writer from Maine. In addition to being Managing Editor for the Liberty Conservative, he also writes the Bangor Daily News blog "Undercover Porcupine" and for sports website Cleatgeeks.

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