The character assassination of Stephen Bannon

The radical left is marching lockstep towards its newest target, Stephen Bannon, the recently appointed Senior Counselor to President-elect Donald Trump and former Chief Executive Officer of the Trump Campaign.

You can already see the yellow journalistic headlines bleeding through your news-feed and television screens. Fiery headlines claiming Mr. Bannon is the worst specimen, the lowest of the low, an American deplorable, a racist, a white supremacist, an anti-Semite, a red meat eater, a neo-Nazi, and an alt-right kingpin! How could President-Elect Trump appoint such a monster to this high office?

Anyone with the slightest of discerning minds could see these accusations for what they really are. Mainstream media smears.

This is the same leftist controlled mainstream media that for months claimed Trump had no chance of winning and covered up every Clinton scandal under the sun. They have degenerated to nothing more then Goebbels-esque propagandists of the Democratic Party. They do little to hide their open bias, with even the New York Times having recently come out to claim they will return to “real” journalism going forward.

This is how far our media has fallen to Fabian leftists.

Modern day leftists and so called “liberals” have little in the way of independent thought. As a result they have eaten these headlines up and ran with them to find more excuses to disparage and demean the nascent Trump administration.

These so called “free thinking” progressives have devolved to nothing more than a hive mind who take every pundit’s political proclamations as gospel. I wager most of them had never heard the name Stephen Bannon prior to a week ago.

Now, none of the claims against Mr. Bannon in any of these hit pieces have ever been substantiated. They simply label him with one of their recycled derogatory slurs and leave it at that. No evidence, no proof. Just smugly stating something as fact and hoping it sticks. At most, you will see some hearsay from someone or other, but nothing definitive has ever been put forth to substantiate the claims that he is a racist, an anti-Semite or a white supremacist. The fact is, nowadays, anyone who disagrees with the mainstream narrative and orthodoxy is nothing more than a racist and a bigot. You can no longer have an opposing opinion in this country. The left has built up a strategy of simply disparaging your character if you disagree with them, rather than try to defend their ever more radical and regressive views; views that bread and butter American people have wholly rejected, as shown by the destruction of the Democratic Party from the state and local level all the way up to Congress and the Presidency.

So who is this Mr. Bannon? If he is not the monster the media have painted him out to be, then who is he?

Well he is an American patriot, having served this country proudly as naval officer.

He is a Harvard Business grad.

He is a staunch anti-establishment conservative. Or as the beltway says: “alt right”, whatever that means.

He is a staunch defender of the state of Israel and a friend of the late great Andrew Breitbart – a proud American Jew and leading conservative figure.

Oh, and he is the Executive Chairman of Breitbart News. The enormously successful news website with over 37 million monthly readers.

Now that last point is key. Not only is Mr. Bannon a true anti establishment conservative fighter, he is also a business competitor to these mainstream outlets. That is a dangerous combination to have in this day and age.

Mr. Bannon represents all that the elite hate. A self made patriot who has risen the ranks and is now in a position of real power in this new administration. He threatens not only their political interests but also their bottom line. He has been instrumental in paving the way for the legitimization and growth of alternative media which has seen an absolute explosion this election cycle. This is the alternate media that did the real journalistic legwork and ultimately helped elect Donald Trump to the presidency and made fools of the mainstream network hacks. Of course, they will deride all his success at Breitbart as being little more than a Pravda outfit for the Trump campaign and administration.

At the end of the day, Stephen Bannon is a great pick for Senior Counselor. He is not a DC insider, and he is not a political hack.

Mr. Bannon was absolutely instrumental in electing Donald Trump and now he is poised to be the man who can keep President Trump on track to implement the conservative agenda he promised to the American people.

I have no doubt the attacks and criticism will continue against Mr. Bannon and others. These attacks all stem from an underlying fear. A fear that the power of Washington and coastal elites is rapidly fading, and nearing its end. They lost the election, but they are grasping at straws to ensure the new administration can be stuffed with their own status quo loyalists. They would love to see the new administration sidelined in their plans. They do not want economic growth and prosperity for “flyover country”, or an end to DC’s corruption. They want the gears of their machine to continue chugging along. If it means they have to destroy the reputation of a good and honest man in the process…so be it.


  1. Amazing! The news media is claiming that Stephen Bannon is antisemitic, and the left is suddenly acting so high and mighty because they claim that Bannon is antisemitic, while at the same time almost all of the antisemitism today is coming from the left. The left, and especially in the universities and colleges, are demanding that investors no longer invest in Israel, to economically attack Israel, to weaken the country to the point that the country can become destroyed. Those attacks on Israel’s economy are also focused on Jewish students in those schools. So it’s really amazing that the left is suddenly acting as though antisemitism is bad when they are the ones mostly doing it.

    Oh, and by the way, I’m Jewish.

    • “…he is an American patriot, having served this country proudly as naval officer. He is a Harvard Business grad. He is a staunch anti-establishment conservative. Or as the beltway says: “alt right”, whatever that means.”

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