Conservative Optimism Revealed by Ossoff Loss

In his article for The Nation – Jon Ossoff’s Loss Should Be a Lesson to Corporate Democrats – D.D. Guttenplan (is that even a real name? It doesn’t sound like a real name) writes, “To win Democrats need to tell voters what they’re for—and to do that effectively, they need to stop running scared and let progressives, who don’t need focus groups or consultants to know what we’re for, take the lead.” This is standard liberal fare: The problem isn’t that they have bad policies, it’s that they didn’t explain them well enough. Obama was the master of this approach as evidenced here, and Democrats like Congressman Steny Hoyer, and others, followed his lead and continue to do so. It’s a telling window into how they think about their own voters as well as their conservative counterparts.

After decades of sermonizing, the Left has decided that the American people are too stupid to understand liberal diatribes and ideas. Or they’ve failed to explain them properly. This is a false choice of course, Obama’s best trait (so few to choose from) was his eloquence, and the American people aren’t stupid. The only logical conclusion is that the American people know exactly what the Left has been selling and they simply aren’t buying it.

Georgia’s Sixth congressional district didn’t buy it on April 18th when they sent Pajama Boy Jon Ossoff packing back to whatever district he lives in. It’s not the sixth. And it wasn’t the sixth district that gave him the lion share of his campaign financing, it was California with it’s deep-pocketed Bay Area residents. It’s vaguely reminiscent of November eighth when California gave Hillary the edge in the popular vote but couldn’t seal the deal because of that pesky little thing called the electoral college.

Money can’t buy you love and this time around it didn’t buy votes either.

The Ossoff loss came simultaneously with Republican Ralph Norman beating out Democrat Archie Parnell in South Carolina, and both wins come on the heels of Cuck-Crusher Greg Gianforte winning in Montana. Add to this Ron Estes’ win in Kansas against Democrat James Thompson, and the GOP has a post-November win column that’s getting pretty respectable.

The secret to winning, not just in these four elections, or in November, or in the future, isn’t a secret. There’s no hidden strategy or magic formula that if found would save the Democrats from their self-imposed alienation from the hearts and minds of every day American voters. There’s no dollar value that will automatically guarantee electoral success. The sales pitch isn’t complicated, it doesn’t require a master orator or political science guru to explain: Be optimistic and talk about what Americans value most and have a plan that corresponds to their priorities.

If you ask a Democrat or any Leftist what the progressive plan for healthcare is, they’ll say, “Russia.” If you ask about immigration, education, taxes, foreign policy (especially foreign policy), they’ll say, “Russia, Russia, Russia, RUSSIA!!!” And if you pay any attention to the antifa menace, you’ll see a sour cabal of hateful, spiteful, vengeful maniacs who are so fixated on their angst they can’t see anything beyond it. The Left has lost control of its emotions and is obsessed with revenge. People in such a state are easy to control and defeat.

When Chuck Schumer was demanding on the Senate floor that Majority Leader McConnell give Democrats more than ten hours time to read the Republican healthcare bill, you could almost see McConnell holding back a smile. The mainstream media is pulling out its hair as the White House stonewalls and refuses to play by the rules of the crumbling fake news empire.

The conservative right is toying with the Left and we’re having one hell of a good time doing it. We’ve earned it.

For the better part of a decade the conservative right endured all manner of slander and misrepresentations from a Democratic Party and Left that claimed we are too stupid to know what they’re talking about. And we took it in stride with great aplomb. But after a while, a condescending attitude and non-stop barrage of vitriol wear away at people. Liberals thought they could call white middle Americans bigots and ask for their votes at the same time with no consequences. Surprise!

People are sick and tired of the patronizing posture of the Left. They’re sick of being called bigots, they’re sick of being treated like they’re stupid. And the alternative? The people who are having fun. The people with optimism and clarity of vision. The people and party who are talking about what matters most to normal people: The economy and jobs and keeping our country safe from harm.

There’s only one party and only one president talking about those things. He’s not as articulate a president as Obama and he never will be, but he doesn’t have to be because it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to explain what’s important. The truth isn’t complicated, it’s actually pretty simple and people know it when they see it and hear it, unless they’re completely blinded by pathological loyalty to a maniacal ideology.

Are you having fun yet? You should be. You should be having a blast. There have been setbacks of course, that was always to be expected. Activist judges have usurped the executive branch’s authority over national security. Congress is dragging its feet on healthcare reform, taxes, and border security. Street thugs are breaking windows and setting fires. But we’re still winning and it feels great. Don’t lose sight of that. Don’t forget how good it feels and let it show, it’s infectious and voters can sense it. On the flip side of that, hate and spite and pessimism stink of death from a mile away.

Don’t worry, be happy, and like the special elections in Georgia, South Carolina, Kansas, and Montana, voters will continue to stop and smell the roses. Optimism is the only sales pitch we need and we don’t have to sell it, it sells itself.

By day, Michael Rodgers is a logistics specialist in the aerospace industry. By night, he is an Associate Editor for the Liberty Conservative. He lives and drinks profusely in Dover, New Hampshire.

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