The Media is Biased – Trump’s Behavior 3 Months Ago Would Have Been Praised, Today it is Vilified

For the last several years, there has been a national movement to permit boys and girls to use the locker room that they feel they belong in. This movement of tolerance is not tolerant of the feelings of those who are using the restroom that is appropriate for their gender. Instead, this movement is focused upon the extreme minority of students who are physiologically confused and are not willing to accept the gender of their birth.

The liberal media has been pounding us with stories of physiologically confused students who are being “courageous” by standing up to school boards so that they can use the restroom of their “feelings”. Those who have dared criticize this movement have been labeled as prudes and have been chastised by the media as trying to dictate their morality upon all those around them. Any argument about the safety and sociological well-being of our children is not recognized.

The stories of boys who are abusing this liberal policy are not covered by the media unless, of course, it is the Republican nominee for the President of the United States. The media is having an absolute field day right now digging into the alleged allegations of Donald Trump entering the changing rooms at the beauty pageants.

The media is looking for stories of girls who may have felt uncomfortable with Donald Trump watching them while they were changing outfits. The media is going to great depths to make this 20-year-old story relevant today while they spend hardly any time digging into the discomfort of high school girls who are being subjected to a 16-year-old guy changing with them in their locker room.

For principled conservatives, they are discussed if the accusations of Donald Trump prove to be true. They don’t care if it is the President of the United States or it is a 16-year-old pervert, the principle is the same – if you have male plumbing, use the male restroom, if you have female plumbing, use the female restroom.

However, for the media today, there is no story to be covered if a boy goes into the girl’s restroom as a result of transgender bathroom controversy. In fact, the story should not be covered because it might hurt the movement. However, if a Republican is discovered to be a pervert, then, of course, every resource needs to be expended and we need to dive into all the details of the controversial behavior.

If the media had a principled bone in its body, it would be praising Donald Trump right now as an example of how men and women can co-exist in a world of gender neutral locker rooms. The media should be telling us that no woman was raped by Donald Trump or, that while there were a few minutes of discomfort, nothing happened. The media should be using this example of Donald Trump entering the dressing rooms of pageant participants as the reason why there is no controversy with transgender restrooms.

The media is partisan and if it bleeds, it leads. The media will bury a story if it hurts the narrative that they are trying to push. Right now, they are not trying to push the transgender bathroom bill but they are trying to elevate Hillary Clinton into the White House. As such, what three months ago was permissive behavior is now impermissible.

The media is not a fool. They know that Donald Trump’s alleged behavior will disgust the social conservatives. They know by covering this story that they dampen the social conservatives willingness to vote for Donald Trump. They know by constantly covering the moral deficiencies of Donald Trump, they increase the likelihood of social conservatives staying home and, as such, ensure that Hillary Clinton is elected.

The media’s coverage of Donald Trump’s sexual perversions is nothing but their biased attempts to rig the election in favor of Hillary Clinton. I am not condoning the behavior of Donald Trump, just letting the world know that the only reason Donald Trump’s behavior is a news story today is because the media believes that it will help Hillary become the next President of the United States.


  1. Any democrat with a brain and a conscience should not be voting for a corrupt criminal! There are many others on the ballot to choose from! Clinton belongs in jail!!!

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