Donald Trump uses Democratic Playbook in Pushing for Health Care Reform

Shortly after landing in Cincinnati, Ohio, Donald Trump made a quick presentation on the importance of replacing Obama’s Affordable Care Act. Even though Trump was in Cincinnati to speak on his plan for infrastructure improvement, Trump was active in promoting the need for health care reform. Trump had two families stand behind him as he presented to the American people the problems of Obama Care. Trump understands that without the support of the people, the Senate will not pass health care reform that can resolve many of the problems created by the Affordable Care Act.

The two families standing behind Trump were from Ohio and Kentucky. Trump told these families stories about how they were suffering because of the Government run health care system. One family was not allowed to keep their doctor unless they paid tens of thousands more in insurance premiums. The second family owned a small business which provided health care for its employees. This family saw the price of health care insurance increase over 150% while their coverage decreased. Rather than stand up and just give a a bunch of facts and figures, Trump presented to the nation people who demonstrate the reason why Trump is fighting to replace the un-Affordable Care Act.

By using real people to help illustrate his points, Trump is following the example of many Democratic politicians. Democratic politicians regularly use stories of people who are facing a difficult situation to help drive public opinion to drive the change that they desire. Trump is a master at using the media to get his message out.

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