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France Votes for Cultural Suicide

The suspense is over. Marine Le Pen, the so-called “far-right” nationalist seeking to win the French presidency, has been defeated by EU suck-up sycophant Emmanuel Macron. The French voters were given a stark choice between the centrist Macron and the populist Le Pen: Continue following the path of cultural suicide – all the while expecting a long promised emergence of enrichment – or follow the path of drastic measures commensurate with the task of managing drastic times.

The French chose cultural suicide, proving that things obviously haven’t gotten bad enough in their country to trigger their national survival instinct. Maybe they don’t have one or they did and lost their way under the leadership of unctuous elitists in Brussels. One way or the other, it seems the French threshold for self-inflicted suffering is as strong as many in the west had feared. Or perhaps they were successfully swayed by former Celebrity-in-Chief Barack Obama who interjected himself into their politics at the last minute.

For all the bluster coming from the Left about mythical Russian meddling in our most recent election, Democrats don’t have a problem interfering in the democratic processes of other nations. This isn’t the first time Obama insinuated himself into a foreign nation’s elections, don’t forget his attempt to unseat Benjamin Netanyahu two years ago. We’re seeing an unsettling pattern develop which should be no shock considering we’re talking about a man who freed terrorists in exchange for the traitor Bowe Bergdahl, who capitulated to Iranian ransom demands, and who created a safe haven for violent extremists in Libya when he toppled the government in Tripoli.

It’s not difficult to figure out whose side the former president is on. It was never the side of the American people and it’s not the side of the French people now.

Not content to sit on the sidelines when there are countries to ruin, Obama has joined forces with the French establishment to betray France. The election of Macron promises the perpetuation of policies designed to flood the continent with a nonstop wave of third world invaders who refuse to assimilate. The political elites of France have redirected the time honored mentality of noblesse oblige from the victims of the invasion to the invaders. This most certainly spells doom for French culture.

The great unwashed horde of Islam breeds prodigiously, substantially out-pacing it’s western competitors, and is slated to reach global population parity with Christianity sometime in the middle of the twenty-first century. The French birth rate has been falling for some time, it’s now below the replacement rate. With Muslims breeding at a rate of 3.4 children per woman, it shouldn’t take a mathematician to explain the inevitable future of a country that seems intent on destroying itself.

The future of France, and of Europe in general, is one in which the Muslim invaders have out-bred and out-populated the indigenous citizenry. At that point the French will begin to see themselves out-voted. What has happened in Dearborn, MI will happen there too, and their leaders will begin to look like Sadiq Khan. Islam takes no prisoners in the clash of cultures. It doesn’t believe in political correctness or live-and-let-live. Islam will not give the dwindling French people the same tolerance and acceptance they received when they overran the open borders of Europe. The mission of Islam is to conquer, not to live side by side. There are few options for dealing with such an unreasonable opponent and none of them are pleasant but, as my dad always says, survival is not a moral dilemma.

Time is running out to turn things around. It may already be too late.

The French voting public appears to overwhelmingly believe that Le Pen’s drastic measures of decreasing immigration, of opposing multiculturalism, and supporting the rule of law, have no place in a progressive society. They, like the leftists of America, see Le Pen as a reincarnation of ideologies that plunged Europe into the throes of a second world war.

Ever since the Nazis were defeated all manner of pundits have prognosticated the return of Hitler. In America they see his rebirth in the presidency of Donald Trump, in Europe they see shades of racial partitioning and prejudice in Le Pen. The lessons learned in WWII are too valuable to lose sight of, this much is agreeable to anyone who participates in the conversation. But by refusing to see the problems identified by Le Pen, by failing to understand the gravity of the situation, the French people have steered the course of their nation toward that which they seek to avoid.

There’s no sense in sugar-coating anything. Le Pen’s anti-Islamic policies are indeed harsh. We live in a severe and unforgiving world where brutality is often the only resort for a people when they find themselves confronted by an uncompromising foe. But the fact is, the French can deal with the Islamic problem now or they can deal with it later. Or not at all. They can deal with it now by increasing deportations, closing their borders, monitoring mosques for suspect activity, and other various methods of policing the savages encroaching on their sovereignty.

Or they can keep electing the Macrons of the world. They can continue putting on a pedestal the lapdogs of globalist puppeteers who so despise the heritage of western civilization that they are willing to unleash the worst animals of mankind on a duped and defenseless population. The French, and Europeans in general, can wait to take action for another thirty years until their culture is facing imminent obliteration. They can wait until they must elect a new Hitler to save them or else embrace their self-imposed destruction. Or they can take actions now that seem insignificant compared to a nightmare scenario of Europe returning to a dark age of Islamic caliphates within our lifetimes.

On Sunday they chose the nightmare scenario. Timid and cowed into submission, the French have decided they would rather their way of life be destroyed wholesale than offend the warped sensibilities of those who would enslave and annihilate them.

The French have chosen cultural suicide.

Original artwork by Jesse Comeau

By day, Michael Rodgers is a logistics specialist in the aerospace industry. By night, he is an Associate Editor for the Liberty Conservative. He lives and drinks profusely in Dover, New Hampshire.


  1. In America we’re taught (or, at least, used to be taught) that our leaders work for us; we learn (or used to) that it’s not only our right but our duty as individuals to stand up to those leaders when we think they’re wrong – especially when we think they’re exceeding their powers and infringing on our rights. But Europeans aren’t brought up that way. Not really. Yes, there’s lip service to the idea of freedom. But when it comes right down to it, they’re raised to bow down to the state – to prioritize not themselves, not the individual, but the society, the commonweal, that abstract ideal known as “solidarity.”
    So it is that even in a secret ballot, it takes European voters a remarkable amount of nerve to resist the thunderous chorus of voices from above urging them to vote against their own interests; it feels like nothing less than an act of treason to heed the meek little voices in their own heads begging them to do the opposite – to do what’s actually best for themselves and their loved ones. They’ve been psychologically manipulated to the point where they truly believe, on some level, at least in some Orwellian doublethink kind of way, that acting in clear defense of their own existence, their own culture, their own values, and their own posterity, is an act of ugly prejudice.

    • How many trucks. How many bombs. How many demands from outsiders to change your ways and accept theirs. Dumbfounding. In some ways, America is no different.

    • There is so much transpiring here. Europe is faced with a situation somewhat unlike America in that there are many muslims among the foreigners. Most muslims are peaceful people but there are two fundamentalist entitie factions tht are higly organized. Saudi and Iran mutually competing but that work to uniformize religion, law and culture systematically. The argument is valid that these forces can change societies in Europe slowly in a soft coup fashion. But remember that the European tradition for strong states and solidarity is not premised on this influx at all. The challenge is how to keep that European identity without letting it be transformed from the inside like a Trojan horse attack. The answer to this challenge is not to atomize the citizenry and fight the norms of solidarity, but to raise consciousness so that all aspects of indigenous as well as imported culture is scrutinized. By embracing the stance that all different thoughts may be entertained but not accepted face value, one may be strong enough in oneself as not to give in to outside pressures. Now there is pressures on Europeans to embrace Islam, but there’s also pressures to become more wild west – every man for himself. I think both these pressures need to be withstood lest we will head towards a more fragmented, atomized and violent society.

    • Taking in immigrants is not a bad thing. Taking in immigrants with religious beliefs that conflict with and resist western culture, that demonstrate the inability or desire to assimilate, is stupid.

    • In that case the entire concept of freedom of thought, freedom of association, and freedom of expression are stupid. For who is the wholly wise and incorruptible human being who can know precisely who to let in and who to keep out without any risk of some day putting you or me on that same list of people who don’t deserve the right to live in America?

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